Last night Vlad posted the following article about UNESCO stopping German archaeologists from rebuilding the famous Buddha statues in Afghanistan calling it nearly a “criminal” thing to do.

I for one am quite grateful to UNESCO for this. At last they tipped their hand, showing their real thoughts and central dogma instead of making up some amazingly flimsy excuse they feel Western people from a culture of reason and pluralism might swallow. Now, their actions as an agent for Islam and global Islamic manifest destiny is pretty much undeniable to anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge as to how the UN and the OIC work.

Shortly after posting that article, ML sent me a few more links on UNESCO:

1. UNESCO renames Rachel’s Tomb a mosque

Rachel is one of the four matriarchies in Judaism. Rachel’s’ tomb is considered very important to Judaism and is a very holy spot.

2. But its not just Rachel’s tomb. Its all Jewish sites

3. UNESCO cancels Israel exhibit following Arab pressure

4. 2013: UNESCO passes six resolutions condemning Israel

Canada should really pull out of the UN. Even if it was not a staunch ally and friend of Israel, but because it must be a friend of reason, science and history.  It is past a joke now.

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  1. http://my.berkeley.edu/site/Clubs?sid=3660&club_id=1290&pg=other
    Francesco Bandarin, architect and planner, is [sic] the Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre since September 2000. He graduated in Architecture in Venice and in City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley [in 1977]. Since 1980, he has been Professor of Urban Planning at the School of Architecture of Venice … presently on leave from his academic position.

    He is directly responsible of [sic] complex conservation projects such as the Action Plan for the Old City of Jerusalem, the re-erection of the Axum Obelisk, the protection of the Natural Parks in the Congo.

    Source: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 4 March 2013
    Question of Palestine home || Permalink || About UNISPAL || Search
    Le patrimoine culturel de Jérusalem -Mmise en oeuvre des projets en cours – Document de l’UNESCO Français

    5. Moreover, the report from the Israeli authorities confirms the intention to fully restore the Tifferet Israel synagogue, destroyed in 1948, to its original configuration. It indicated that the scheme was approved by the Regional Planning Committee on 10 December 2012.

    6. The World Heritage Centre notes that the information provided is not in compliance with the requirements of paragraph 172 of the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention and is therefore, requesting the Israeli authorities to provide all detailed plans and designs.
    …. [elsewhere]

    7. On 25 January 2013, the Director-General received a letter from the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to UNESCO regarding alleged damage to the ancient Ottoman tiles surrounding the “Tomb of David” on Mount Zion, just outside the Old City Walls. On 29 January 2013, the Secretariat addressed a letter to the Israeli authorities requesting information on this matter. On 8 February 2013, the Permanent Delegate of Palestine to UNESCO also addressed a letter to the Director-General on this matter.

    8. At its 190th session, following a roll-call vote in the Programme and External Relations Commission of 28 votes in favour, 23 votes against and 4 abstentions, the Executive Board adopted 190 EX/Decision 13, by which it adjourned the debate on this item to its 191st session. The draft decision 190 EX/PX/DR.6 submitted by Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates was annexed to this decision.

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