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5 Replies to “Warlords of Tripoli. Vice TV”

  1. More Islam (e.g. censorship to keep people “pure”) equals more freedom… Are you kidding me…

    Istanbul clashes over Turkey’s new internet laws (BBC, Feb 8, 2014)
    “Turkish riot police have fired water cannon and tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators marching in Istanbul in protest at new laws tightening government control of the internet. Demonstrators threw fireworks and stones at police cordoning off Taksim Square, the city’s main square. The president is under pressure not to ratify the legislation. It includes powers allowing authorities to block websites for privacy violations without a court decision. The opposition says it is part of a government attempt to stifle a corruption scandal. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denied accusations of censorship, saying the legislation would make the internet “more safe and free”….”

  2. vice is a normalization vehicle for islam, note articles written by micheal muhammed knight, a douchebag little khomeini fanboy. Wonder if suroosh, vice co-founder, is a MB influence agent, an aspect of ihkwan’s civilizational jihad project? Most hipsters are shallow, shallow things and vice editorial scurry away from mention or examination of islamic jurisprudence like cockroaches flee for cover when the lights are flipped on.

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