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11 Replies to “Kenyan “jihad convention””

  1. OT: http://www.cfra.com/news/2014/02/06/students-celebrate-10th-annual-day-of-cultural-understanding

    Pure pap but if you check the photo, it’s boys only. Surprise surprise surprise!

    *eyebrow waggle*

    BTW, the article is very tame but there’s an audio report by CFRA’s Alison Sandor (heard at 5:25 this morning) that I’m trying to get my hands on and it’s a doozy! Chock-full of multi-culti PC screeching about “tolerance” and mutual bullsh*t about how, well, you know, the usual nonsense. When I get it, I’ll post it here. It gave me tummy cramps and so early in the morning too!
    Note: I have to laugh (ironically, no less) at these stupid, vapid, teachers who won’t admit to themselves that if tards stop killing people and blowing sh*t up, these stupid “bringing together” exercises would not be necessary because everyone knows that Jews aren’t the problem. Oy to the vey.

  2. Another day… Another bombing…

    Egypt: Six police wounded in twin Cairo bomb attacks (BBC, Feb 6, 2014)
    “Six police officers have been wounded after two bombs went off in Cairo, the Egyptian health ministry says. The blasts were heard at around 09:45 local time (07:45 GMT) in the Giza area and were around two minutes apart. Local media report that the bombs targeted police vehicles stationed near a bridge. Armed groups have stepped up their attacks in Egypt since the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi by the military in July last year…”

  3. Google on the gay bandwagon with their altered Olympic colours, they have taken out Africa for the sake of Gay Rights. Isn’t that racism?

  4. Dunno, I’m not sure if it is some copyright thing or some territorial dispute or if Al Jiz just doesn’t want Americans to know this stuff. In any case, where there is a will….

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