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1. Female student dies after male paramedics barred from entering women’s-only campus

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Thousands of Saudis vented their anger online over a report Thursday that staff at a Riyadh university had barred male paramedics from entering a women’s-only campus to assist a student who had suffered a heart attack and later died.

(It should be noted that not too many years ago, firemen were prevented from entering a girl’s school, and the students where prevented from escaping, in the KSA when it was on fire, because the girls were not wearing their head scarves.

2. US Administration eases restrictions on asylum seekers with loose terror ties

The Obama administration has unilaterally eased restrictions on asylum seekers with loose or incidental ties to terror and insurgent groups, in a move one senator called “deeply alarming.”

The change, approved by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry, was announced Wednesday in the Federal Register. It would allow some individuals who provided “limited material support” to terror groups to be considered for entry into the U.S.

3. Toronto Canada: Cleric behind mosque’s proposed condo project probed for hate crimes in 2012

Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi and the East End Madrassah were the targets of a hate-crimes investigation in 2012.
Carlo Allegri/National Post/FilesImam Syed Mohammed Rizvi and the East End Madrassah were the targets of a hate-crimes investigation in 2012.

The cleric of a Muslim community group behind a proposed condo and townhouse complex in a predominantly Jewish area was one of the key figures in an Islamic school that used teaching materials that disparaged Jews and encouraged boys to keep fit for jihad.

Imam Syed Mohammed Rizvi and the East End Madrassah were the targets of a hate-crimes investigation in 2012, and although charges were not laid, a York Region police report said a review of 30 school syllabus books found portions that “challenged some of Canada’s core values” and “suggested intolerance,” even if they were not criminal.

4. Fanatics in Syria vow to bring terror home to UK: Terrorists say they will attack public transport and financial centres

They emerged as the head of US intelligence James Clapper told the US Congress that Al Qaeda has set up training camps in Syria and was schooling foreign recruits to return to their home countries to carry out terrorist attacks.

British counter-terrorism officials are taking the threats of terror attacks in the UK ‘very seriously’, sources said.

(Click over to site to see slick recruiting photos)

5. Coca Cola may have an agenda behind its Super bowl commercial according to Pat Dollard. 

6. Rather stunning proof that Islam, contrary to what they tell us poor infidels, considers Mohamed to be supernatural and attributes power to things associated with the Pirate and founder of Islam, Mohamed. One could argue, if one gives a damn about the religion and its nonsense, that islam is itself guilty of ‘shirk’ or equating things to ‘allah’, mohamed’s particular god, by claiming that the various waste products of his body contain supernatural properties. Something they accuse Christians of as central dogma.


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10 Replies to “News links for Feb 6 2014 – 2”

  1. AUSTRALIA Sex crime charges laid against man ‘married’ to 13yo girl

    A Sydney man has been refused bail after being charged over a live-in sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

    The pair were living together in Sydney’s west.

    Police sources say the 26-year-old man and the girl were “married” in an Islamic religious ceremony in the Hunter region last month.

    The marriage has no legal standing in Australia because of the girl’s age.

    The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly met the girl in a suburb of Newcastle last year and began an ongoing sexual relationship with her.

    They then moved in together in Sydney.

    A nearby high school contacted police recently when the man tried to enrol the girl.

    Detectives from the state’s Child Abuse Squad arrested the man yesterday.

    He was then charged with 25 separate counts of having sexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 14 years.

    The man faced Burwood Local Court today, where bail was refused.

    He will apply for bail again when he reappears next week.

    The Child Abuse Squad says its investigations into the case are continuing.

    Police have questioned the girl’s parents, who they believe knew about the marriage.

    Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans says it is a disturbing case.

    “It’s really really unusual,” he said.

    “We do have sexual assaults of minors… but this type of situation where it is almost sanctioned by a family, if that ends up being the case, is a very very unusual set of circumstances to happen within NSW.”

  2. 3/ How shocking that an Islamic school would have materials that disparage Jews and promote jihad. Did it happen to have a copy of the Koran lying around? The Life and Times of Mohammed? 101 Best-Loved Hadiths? Do the police think that because a particular paragraph is removed from the next edition of a certain textbook that the entire ‘religion’ will somehow be magically transformed? A Canadian told me last week he thinks Canada itself will have that effect on Islam. Something in the water perhaps.

    6/ The hypocrisy never ends.

  3. Tunisia proof Islam compatible with democracy, Hollande tells constitution ceremony

    Tunisia embodies the hope of the Arab world, François Hollande told a ceremony to adopt the country’s new constitution three years after its revolution set off the Arab Spring. The new basic law shows that Islam is compatible with democracy, the French president said.

  4. ITALY – MILAN – CCTV captured the shocking moment a have-a-go hero fought off a maniac wielding a meat cleaver – with only his BROLLY.

    The swash-buckling rescuer stumbled up on a brutal attack in a pedestrian underpass at Milan’s central station shortly after rush-hour on Tuesday.

    Algerian Abdel Kader Farth, 31, allegedly pulled the 30cm cleaver from behind his back and began to hack away at his victim.

    The good Samaritan tried to calm Farth down but, as he lashed out wildly with the cleaver, leapt in with his umbrella.

    His victim, a 39-year-old Tunisian man, stumbled away bleeding from head wounds as the suspected attacker was kept at bay.

    Police spotted the brolly fight on their control room CCTV and raced to the scene, where they arrested Farth.

    The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for shock and given 50 stitches for cuts to his face and hands.

    Police, who have not named the hero, said the motive for the attack remains unknown but they are working on the theory it was a “simple drunken brawl that got out of hand.”

    A spokesman in Milan said that both men were homeless and had previous convictions – while the victim was in the country illegally and would be reported for possible deportation.

    He added: “The position of the CCTV camera was paramount in helping us react to this incident and deploy officers to the situation.

    “The man who intervened was also very brave although its not something we would advise.”

  5. #2 Obama is going to keep chipping away at our national security until the terrorists are allowed to enter freely and then do anything they want.

  6. Yes, Ox AO, we did indeed. Devastating.

    I’m not thrilled with that old GE ad either. It seems to push feminism as a replacement theology.

  7. I am old enough to remember when Coke wouldn’t sell to any communist country, the left and now the Moslems learned to take control of the companies so they could push their agenda through them.

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