News links for Feb. 6 2014 – 1

1. Another great T shirt showing the growing impatience with islam in the West.

Quit blowing shit up

Quit blowing shit up

2. US envoy in Sudan forced to resign after accepting Islam

US envoy in Sudan forced to resign after accepting Islam

Sudanese local media sources said that the U.S. envoy was forced to resign after he turned to Islam.

World Bulletin / News Desk

The US charge d’affaires in Khartoum, Joseph D Stafford, resigned from his post after he converted to Islam, Sudanese local media sources said.

Stafford told the foreign ministry that his resignation was made for “personal reasons” but Sudanese sources claimed that the envoy was forced to resign after he turned to Islam.

Sources said that Stafford has recorded visits to the headquarters of Ansar al-Sunnah in Sudan and established a close relationship with a number of Sudanese clerics through these visits.

3. Mombasa, Kenya: Police in Mombasa say it may take them two months to sift through the treasure trove of information seized from the controversial Musa Mosque

…after Sunday’s violent clashes. […] Besides an AK-47 rifle, machetes and other iron implements, police also captured jihadist flags, stun guns and hundreds of textbooks in a secret cabinet, as well as maps, registers, pictures and information on alleged spies and “Muslim traitors” and terrorist training manuals hidden in toilets, bathrooms and under carpets.

4. An online petition to free the mother of a girl who died in Cuba.

(Whether you want to sign it or care about the issue or not, this is a good benchmark on the state of basic rights in Cuba. Read the story. Change your vacation plans)

5. Tommy Robinson beaten up in prison.

(This case is too complex for any immediate comment from me.)

6. What drove a British estate agent and his maths tutor brother to die as jihadists? How seemingly decent young men are living terrifying doubles lives


Thank you GoV, M, EDL Buck, UK Pete and all. Much more to come today.

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13 Replies to “News links for Feb. 6 2014 – 1”

  1. #5 I have many thoughts on this one, including the obvious one that the warders (guards) were either EDL members or Moslems, the British government broke Tommy and now he and they are paying the price. If history is any example the price will be heavy for both.

  2. #2 Turning a Liberal to Islam is easy. After years of living a shallow, empty and meaningless life on the outside as gory, the buy into the ‘three-shots and you’re saved,’ magic of name and costume chang for years of living a shallow, empty and meaningless life on the inside with a forehead rug-burn. One life fed the femaled-ego; the other feeds the maled-prick. No wonder after all that, finding no satisfaction or rest but the enslavement of the now-defunct soul, they want to volunteer to blow themselves up and everyone around them.

  3. #4
    Did Justine Davis cause the crash and they are afraid she will skip and not pay for damage to the truck?

    Do Cuban authorities want to blame Justine Davis for the crash when she did not cause it because it is easy to squeeze money out of a foreigner?

    Are the Cuban authorities such hateful Marxist bitches that they want to stick to anyone nit them?

  4. #5 What is the mortgage fraud charge?

    There is no detail there.

    It is a very short article without detail. It is He was charge, he plead guilty now hate him.

    Did he overstate his income by a few quid to get a loan? People might not see that as dastardly especially when compared to the conniving Congress critters.

  5. I compared that image to all the images found in a google image search of “Obama Profile” and I’m seriously freaking out now.

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