Exposing one of the most common deceptions used by muslims. A comment reposted.

Very often when the horrors of Islam is pointed out as reflected in the actions of muslims, one of the many self appointed members of the Islamic community will pull out a verse of koran or two, surgically removed from its context in order to try and anesthetize the general non-muslim population back into a blissful slumber secure in the delusion that islam is peace and only looks out for everyone’s best interest. As everyone might define it for themselves of course, as opposed to Islam’s best interests, which would reflect the facts.

Yesterday, Bill Warner, one of the few non-muslim scholars of Islamic scripture willing to educate the rest of us, did a video on exactly this common quote yesterday along with a few other common ones often used for the same deceptive purposes.

In an article posted recently, a number of muslims decided to argue that the murder of children was something anyone might do and had no basis in Islam. A number of people pointed out how killing ones children and grandchildren was a near obligation if they had in any way rejected Islam or caused it to be seen in a bad light. As if somehow killing your kids would not I suppose. A poster calling herself, Shabnam Ahmadzada used this exact quote to try and detract from the cause of this horror. 

Below, the response by C.B. Sashenka dealing with this all-too-common deception. I recommend that all read it and memorize the salient points. It neutralizes one of the very few intellectual ‘weapons’ muslims have.


How so very DECEPTIVE and typical it is when Shabnam Ahmadzada above and so many muslims refer to part of a famous koranic verse that says “saving one human being is saving the whole humanity in Islam” in order to prove how islam cares about people in EVERY religious faith and is a religion of peace.

This is simply not true (actually, just look around the world, pick any country where there is death, oppression and destruction, and you will see how much islam cares about other faiths).

First, this verse comes from JUDAISM, it is JEWISH in origin. Yes, Jewish! To all those jew-hating muslims, this koranic verse comes from the JERUSALEM TALMUD. Not surprising, as many other verses and concepts in islam were taken from both Judaism and Christianity.

Second, this verse, when NOT read in its entirety, only “seems” like it’s against killing all humans, and only “seems” like it applies equally to all people.

This verse actually PERMITS the killing of some NON-muslims. Furthermore, this rule applies ONLY to Jews, who are referred to explicitly at the beginning of the verse: “For that cause, we decreed for the Children of Israel”.

This is why the FIRST PART of the verse is always ignored. It states that it’s fine for Jews to kill under two conditions: (a) when they are killing for a justifiable reason, perhaps in self-defense (translated as “for reasons OTHER THAN manslaughter”), and (b) when they kill a disbeliever – someone who is NOT obedient to islam (translated as “corruption in the earth” or “fitna” – which occurs when there are disbelievers of islam).

However, when Jews kill a believer of islam, ONLY THEN does the analogy of “all of mankind has been killed” apply.

A life is worthy only when it believes in islam. This is purposely omitted by proselytizers of islam when attempting to convert others to islam. “Saving one human is like saving all of humanity” applies ONLY WHEN that human being is obedient to islam. Otherwise, it just doesn’t matter. Got it?

Therefore, in order to avoid fitna, disbelievers must be killed. Just look around the world and see for yourselves.

Here’s the verse (5:32), which should be read in its entirety in order to put things in context:

“For that cause, we decreed for the Children of Israel, that whoever kills a human for reasons other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came to them with clear proofs (of Allah’s sovereignty), but afterwards lo! Many of them become transgressors of the earth.”

And here’s the following two verses, to add yet even MORE context, showing how to punish the disbelievers in islam:

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified, or that their HANDS and FEET BE CUT OFF from opposite sides, or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. Except for those who return [repenting] before you apprehend them. And know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

So Shabnam Ahmadzada, take your own advice that you offered above, and “Educate yourself and learn before you comment.”


So far she has had one reply. I will insert a screen cap of it in case the author changes it later. (if that is possible)


Methinkst she touched a nerve.

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5 Replies to “Exposing one of the most common deceptions used by muslims. A comment reposted.”

  1. Yes Rich it should be. A very good expose of the usual Islamic BS trotted out in response to the daily Muslim atrocities that occur around the globe. I’d like to give the sub-human who took softly bob’s name in vain what for…

  2. I’d like to see this Shabnam Ahmadzada respond to the substance of CB Sashenka’s lucid presentation of Koran 5:32-34. For someone who HAS a life, Shabnam certainly has a lot of time to spend confirming negative stereotypes of Muslims. And whatever became of Mark Jansen?

  3. When Lee Rigby was beheaded in broad daylight by two devout muslims, the Deputy PM of Britain used this very deception about islam.


    Standing next to him was a Sheikh, who never corrected the PM’s lie. Muslims memorise the koran, so this Sheikh cannot have failed to notice the government’s deliberate deception. This shows that us kuffar cannot trust any politician nor any muslim, not matter how “moderate” s/he appears to be.

    Despite the Deputy PM saying what verse he claimed to be repeating, not one journalist called out the discrepancy between what he claimed the koran says, and what it really says. From the 30 or so universities with islamic experts in Britain, not one saw fit to object to this deception.

    It is clear: western governments intend to sacrifice their populations to islam. There is no other explanation for the lies of the President of the US and the Deputy PM of Britain. There is no other explanation for them working to protect islam and muslims rather than the soldiers who lay down their lives for these countries.

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