News links for Feb 4 2014 – 1

1. Australia needs to get its priorities in order. The expression, ‘charity begins at home’ is an important one.

2. Galia Watch has a few posts on how the traditional french public is staging a successful counter-revolution agains the socialist and suicidal left now in control of France.

3. Eight killed in Tunis as police raid militant cell
Tunisian Special Forces member stands outside the house which has militants inside.
Police say they tried to capture the militants alive

Eight people, including one policeman, have been killed in a police raid on militants in Tunis.
The shooting started when police tried to storm a house in the seaside suburb of Raoued on Monday afternoon.

Tunisian security forces have fought a long campaign against Islamist militants over the last two years.

4. Ukip Commonwealth spokesman forced to resign after he is exposed as leader of a kidnapping gang in Pakistan

Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto, the party’s  Commonwealth spokesman, organised a visit to a mosque for Ukip leader Nigel Farage and helped canvass in a key by-election in which the party came close to gaining its first MP.

But – in the latest embarrassment for the party – the 35-year-old has admitted being the ‘boss’ of a high-profile gang which struck in Karachi in 2004, in a kidnapping that netted him a £56,000 ransom payment.

5. Borneo: Restaurant manager who raped 12-year-old girl – then married her to avoid court – will be lashed twice and jailed for 12 years

6. iPhone’s new software quietly records MORE location data than EVER before

(If I may offer this request to readers. When you call Apple tech support, as I understand it, on a near weekly basis, please make sure no matter why you are calling them, you voice your profound displeasure at the revelations, both that Apple admits to as well as the ones that have been leaked, at how Apple.Ltd betrays all of its customers with a grotesque amount of surveillance software they install into the equipment you buy from them and theoretically own, which everyone knows you would not have bought had you known.)

With all the hype surrounding Apple’s highly anticipated software update last fall, a few major privacy features got lost in the media buzz — including a location feature that records nearly every place you go.

The release of iOS 7 last September dramatically altered the look and feel of the iPhone operating system, making it the perfect opportunity for Apple to bury new location-data recording features deep in the software’s settings.

7. Muslims crucify a dog and a cat to a cross in Malta in earmarked Islamic territory

This is what happens with Muslim immigration.

A dog was found crucified and hanging up side down from a cross at the Rotunda in Mosta, Malta. Later a cat was also found crucified and hanging up side down from the cross on St Philip’s statue, also in Mosta. This former British colony in the Mediterranean Sea was under Islamic occupation between AD 870 and 1090 when it was liberated by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily. Muslims still regard it as Islamic territory and want to re-occupy it and force everyone to convert, pay jizya or die.

8. Anti-Gay Muslim Arsonist of Gay Club Was Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador!

By Debbie Schlussel

A Muslim charged with and videotaped pouring gasoline on a gay club and setting it on fire was an “Arab Cultural Ambassador” for the State Department when it hosted visiting Iraqi “journalists” in Seattle. Quick, somebody alert 50 Cent that it’s time to update “In Da Club.” In Al-Klub, Habibi.

Anti-Gay Arsonist/State Dept 9/11 Arab Cultural Ambassador, Musab Masmari Posin’ . . .


Anti-Gay Arsonist/State Dept 9/11 Arab Cultural Ambassador, Musab Masmari Pourin’ Da Gasoline . . .

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Thank you Jane, DP111, Wrath of Khan, Oz-Rita and all.

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9 Replies to “News links for Feb 4 2014 – 1”

  1. #8 Below is a post that is pretty common for the JMG blog. 3/4 voted for Obama. They are more concerned with gay marriage, Putin and Christian groups.. The blogger ran the story on Feb 2nd. Now he has ran it 3 more times.

    Here is a comment which is typical. It is in reference to Pamela Gellar saying gays are more concerned with everything but Muslim terrorism.

    “We’re still too busy protecting ourselves from Christians, Pamela!!!

    We’ll get to the Muslims just as soon as the Christians have been properly sedated.

    Now get back in line, crazypants.”

    According this blog fundamentalists are a problem and most Muslims immigrating to the U.S. are not fundamentalist. That is until they say all religious people are whacked and should be locked up.

    So why do anything? The blog is so narrowly focused that 11 gays have a death sentence in Nigeria and they are concerned. Meanwhile thousands of Christians have been killed in Nigeria going back 10 years and not a peep. They are only now noticing there is a problem in Nigeria. They might consider it a plus.

  2. Please not if you say anything offensive these people will go after you. Anything that could be taken as a threat and they have at least 1 tech savvy guy who could trace it.

    It is not necessary. The truth gets them as they would put it.

  3. 5/ Malaysia

    Hugh Fitzgerald writes in the Iconoclast, “Bumiputra, The Disguised System Of Jizyah In Malaysia, And Chinese Resentment”:
    “Bumiputra” — Sons of the Land — is the name given to a system that  requires the non-Muslim Chinese and Indians to employ, and automatically share profits with, Muslim Malays. It might be thought of as a version of Affirmative Action, but it is better thought of as a transfer of wealth from non-Muslims to Muslims. The real Sons of the Land, the indigenous tribes, are largely Christian or pagan, and they are exploited and their land encroached upon, by the usurping “Sons of the Land,” the Malay Muslims.

    He links to the following:

  4. 6/ Eeyore,
    The Apple techs earn almost nothing, and though they know little more than scripted responses to FAQs, they’re unfailingly polite. They can triage calls for complicated tech snags, otherwise they’re at a loss. Besides, you don’t want to make support queues longer for troubled people, do you?

    [Disclosure: My laptop no longer qualifies for AppleCare.]

  5. Apple must come to understand that people hold them in contempt for what they have done to us, and lied about it. They have assisted the creation of the distopian present.

  6. I know, Eeyore, but these kids work under terrible pressure. Maybe there’s a corporate, legal, or marketing department we can bother instead?

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