News links for Feb. 3 2014 – 2

1. Sodastream accuses OXFAM of what is likely the least of its crimes.

Also Jason Kenny, former minister of immigration in Canada and still a minister of Harper’s government adds his thoughts to the OXFAM and Soda stream controversy.

2. A man described as a “Frenchman” by the Telegraph, but who I suspect has at least ‘divided loyalties’, is arrested for a pointless act of serious cruelty.

3. This letter to the NYT from a TSA employee is another indication of how the US is becoming more totalitarian and less free in order to fight totalitarianism and enemies of freedom. Much like the UK really.

4. Iranian commander: We have targets within America

A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack the Islamic Republic.

“America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.”

5. Court finds Internet hate speech law Section 13 to be constitutionally valid, doesn’t violate freedom of expression

Like the Norwegian Blue parrot, Section 13 is just resting. Like the Black Knight, its repeal by Parliament is just a flesh wound. Though it has been hoisted on the cross, its supporters may still, like Brian, always look on the bright side of life. Section 13 might be doomed, but it is good law. So sayeth the courts.

Thank you Marc L, Fjordman, M and many others.

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  1. 2. The cat-torturer is an Arab from the Maghreb and as much “French” as “allah”. Whether his beard is a sign of his appartenance to that “religion of love and peace”, I dont know, but he (hopefully) escapes the protection of Christine Taubira, the “patron saint” of what the French refer to as “canaille” – the Justice Minister of France who will not incarcerate any Arab/Muslim/Black/African etc. under 19 y.o., no matter what crime they have committed and how often they have committed crimes. According to this anti-white racist and France hater (Taubira) “these poor boys carry the stigma of former colonisation on their shoulders”.

    Incidentally, a lot of justified resentment by the French people (causing even middle class bourgeois to go on the street to protest e.g. “manif pour tous” (demonstration for all), is directed towards this contemptible woman, who subverts the order in France, emasculates the police force and is – according to the French people – deeply “family-phobic”.

    I talked to a police man recently, asking him “and what do you think of your boss Taubira”…he rolled his eyes and simply said “she is getting herself a lot of publicity”. Yes, she is a media whore, and that is one of her lesser shortcomings.

    end of rant mode.

  2. 2/ A couple of Saudi colleagues have shown me similar videos on their phones, in a jokey friendly way, assuming I will share their idea of fun with animals.

  3. 5/ The only surprise there will be the day that thing gets a stake through its heart and a trip through a one-way wormhole to a distant galaxy. If certain Canadians wanted to go with it they would not be missed.

  4. Some infiltration!

    Former UKIP spokesman was kidnapping gang ‘boss’ (BBC, Feb 4, 2014)
    “A man who served as UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman for a year is the former leader of a kidnapping gang in Pakistan, BBC Newsnight has revealed. Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto’s gang were behind a high-profile kidnapping in Karachi in 2004 and he then took a £56,000 ransom payment in Manchester. In 2005, Bhutto, of Leeds, admitted being the gang’s “boss” and was jailed for seven years by a UK court. UKIP said Bhutto, 35, had “recently” resigned his party membership. A party spokesman said: “When we recently became aware of possible issues relating to his past and raised the matter with him, he resigned his membership.” Bhutto joined UKIP in 2011 and regularly appeared as UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman, and as a party representative in local and national media. He said he had left the party in December 2013. He organised a trip to a Leeds mosque for party leader Nigel Farage and, during the 2012 Rotherham by-election, canvassed with UKIP candidate Jane Collins…”

  5. The controlled opposition that is UKIP.

    Farage cracks Polish jokes whilst hiring Pakistanis.

    On Oxfam. They simply sincerely believe that Aparthied and segregation is bad. What is good for the UK is good enough for everyone else and that includes Israel. They drank the Koolaid
    That kills the west. The Jewish state contradicts the Crystal Methodism of equality and deracination that the west has been infected with.

  6. Policeman killed in clash with militants in Tunis (BBC, Feb 4, 2014)
    “One policeman and up to four militants have been killed in a clash in the Tunisian capital Tunis. The shooting started when police tried to raid a house in the seaside suburb of Raoued on Monday night. Tunisian security forces have fought a long campaign against Islamist militants over the last two years. The shootings come a week after Tunisia’s parliament adopted a new constitution – its first since the revolution three years ago. The police are currently negotiating with the gunmen to try to get them to surrender. Police say the men are heavily armed…”

  7. Why are people in France getting annoyed and angry at the government. It because they want to redefine our society, so that young people chose their sex. As if… They wanted to implement new legislation of assisted fertility treatment for gay couples and allow designer babies too.

    A local municipal library has stocked some rather strange reading material for the very young:

    “Bill’s new dress”
    The princess that doesn’t like princes
    Tango has 2 dads and why not?
    and the last one I”ll leave in French for you to guess:
    « Mademoiselle Zazie a-t-elle un zizi ? »

    The government has treated any dissent as being part of the 1930’s France, they are openly comparing chunks of society as extreme right-wing, fascist and anti-republican. Moreover, they are hating catholics too.

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