News links for Feb 4 2014 – 2

1. Iranian executions spiking despite thaw with West, ‘moderate president’

The number of executions carried out by Iranian authorities — often hanging dubiously convicted citizens from construction cranes in public — has risen sharply since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August, a surge most likely because of a secret power struggle within Iran’s notoriously veiled political system.

2. On this page, another tiresome and desperate attempt to force the murder of Lee Rigby into the acceptable socialist narrative.

(Personally I find this both tiresome and infuriating. The ruling elite refuse to listen to what the man actually says or his history and friends and so on. Instead, trying to find any credible sounding person with credentials to make up some crypto-Freidian mumbo-jumbo to detract his actions from Islamicly motivated to anything, and I mean ANYTHING else. They would find a chef if they thought they could get away with it and claim it was because his eggs weren’t cooked properly before they will listen to what the man actually said when he slaughtered Rigby and everything he, and his trainers such as Anjem Choudary actually said about it)

3. More advanced technology continues to mean easier totalitarian rule. EU plans to install devices to cars to allow police to turn them off remotely. 

4. Feb 2:  Al Qaeda fighters in Syria kill rival rebel leader

BEIRUT –  Al Qaeda fighters killed the leader of a rival Islamic brigade in a twin car bombing near Syria’s northern city of Aleppo, an attack likely to further exacerbate rebel infighting even as government forces continued their intense shelling of opposition-held areas of the city on Sunday.

(More guns to Syrian ‘rebels’ and Al-Qaeda please!)

5. Mystery blast rocks Malmö courthouse

6. Breathtaking’ EU corruption costs 120 bn euros a year 

7. Fjordman points out a very important aspect of Islamic Vs. everyone-else culture in this article about the domestication of camels here. Below, Fjordman’s observation:

This story is interesting for several reasons. The camel is a very important animal in the Middle East, which means that this subject is important in itself. However, notice that two Israeli Jewish scholars have been doing serious scientific and archaeological studies, even though their results contradict the Jewish religious scriptures and a literal reading of the Hebrew Bible. In contrast, no Saudi Muslim scholar would ever publish results based on serious scientific and archaeological studies contradicting Islamic scriptures and a literal reading of the Koran. Archaeological digs are banned in Saudi Arabia, for locals and outsiders alike:

8. Egypt attacks Al-Jezeera TV on charges of aiding ‘enemy’

(Video at link)

Private Egyptian TV channel Al Tahrir at the weekend aired an amateur-quality video of the arrest in a Cairo hotel room of two journalists with the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera on 29 December.

With dramatic music added, the video shows the foreign channel’s head of the Cairo bureau, the Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy and Australian journalist Peter Greste — who asks for an interpreter.

Security officers are heard questioning the pair, but they are not shown. The journalists say they don’t have the accreditation to work in Egypt, but have applied for it. Equipment is filmed in the hotel room that Fahmy says is serving as temporary work-space until an office can be found. Then the two are taken away in a police van.

Thank you M, Fjordman, and many more. Shortly, I will be posting more material from Quebec. IMO, the locus of counter-jihad news and activity at this time.




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12 Replies to “News links for Feb 4 2014 – 2”

  1. Wearing a black leather jacket over his Kurdish clothes, the young man who did return from Syria said he would have no qualms about fighting his ethnic kin in the name of Islam: “My religion comes before my Kurdishness – I make decisions based on my religion.”

  2. 2/ Laughable, sadly. Those two experts, ‘cultural psychologists’ or whatever they call themselves, belong in a British parody of this sort of expertise, Mitchell and Webb maybe, offering absurd if scholarly-sounding explanations for something patently obvious.

  3. 7/ No one would mistake it for archaeology, but a certain amount of pre-Islamic inscriptions and related stuff finds its way into museums and what pass for museums, often haphazardly displayed and poorly described. The Saudis have probably preserved more information than they intended to. When eventually Mecca and Medina are obliterated and the peninsula freed from Muslim occupation, Israeli archaeologists will be able to work on this material.

    Also, for decades Western expats have taken out smaller pieces in their luggage, assortments of arrowheads for example. It’s a shame that so much contextual information is lost by this kind of hobby collecting, but at least the objects themselves still exist.

  4. #2 The defence lawyers are arguing the murderers we not recognized as legitimate soldiers doing what they do in war. As such they were not guilty of murder behind enemy lines.

    This is good on three counts.
    1. They are shot as spies for not wearing a uniform.
    2. They are Solders of Allah and Islam is banned as the Terrorist organization it is.
    3. Young Royals will be seen dressing up as Muslims at drunkend fancy dress parties and the Daily Mail will have a good laugh about it.

  5. @Perfectchild says:
    February 5, 2014 at 2:43 am :

    re; your point 2.; they could also be held as prisoners of war and therefor held indefinitely or until the war is over 🙂

  6. 2/

    @Perfectchild. I was going to say the same thing. If Adebolajo is correct then he is an enemy on British soil and should be executed for spying.

    If indeed a state of war does indeed exist between Britain and Muslims, then all Muslims on British soil should be arrested immediately and thrown into POW camps, and all mosques raided and their assets seized as they are enemy headquarters.

    If Adebolajo wins his case based on these claims then the prosecution should immediately take steps to ensure his claims are acted upon by bringing another case against the government for not taking actions against the Muslim enemy.

  7. Bob Islam is at war with the rest of the world, the vast majority in the rest of the world ignores the war and says it won’t affect them. Soon it will affect them,

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