News links Feb. 3 2014 – 1

1. Ottawa Mohamed arrested for procuring a person for sexual slavery.

OTTAWA — A 26-year-old Ottawa man was arrested Sunday on 12 charges related to human trafficking.

Police allege an adult woman from Ottawa is the victim in the case.

2. Israel takes surgical technology to the sic-fi level.

(Meanwhile, the muslim world is still perfecting the anus-bomb)

3. Dieudonné barred from Britain by Home Office

(Hard to say how much meaning this has given who is, and who is not banned from the UK. Frankly, better that no one is banned on the basis of what they say and think than the kind of haphazard fashion based selective enforcement they use now)

4. One hundred youths arrested during Mombassa chaos to be charged. Story here

4a. More footage from the mosque three-hour-shootout at Kenyan mosque

5. Australia uses innovative technology to safely send back invaders.

Thank you GoV, M, and many people who sent in material. Much more to come. It looks like it could be a busy day.

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6 Replies to “News links Feb. 3 2014 – 1”

  1. Here’s part one Alfred the Great. ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING !

    If you know of one politician today with remotely the dedication to his country and people, remotely his education and intellect tell me and I will vote for him. Let alone his courage in battle.
    If you want to understand and hopefully appreciate the foundation of British and western culture this is a good place to start, and if you are not of English descent that does not matter. The most successful countries over the last couple of hundred years, the most prosperous, the most inventive, civilized, DECENT, pleasant ones to live in were founded here, in CHRISTIAN Anglo Saxon England : The US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and you didn’t have to be of Anglo Saxon descent to buy into that culture. IT’S NOT A RACIAL PURITY THING. Its about recognising a successful, beneficial and decent way to live. DID THE A FOOTBALL GAME ‘HAVE’ TO BE SUPERVISED BY PARAMILITARY POLICE, WEARING BODY ARMOUR AND CARRYING ASSAULT RIFLES FORTY YEARS AGO ?
    I think people aught to take a step back, realise what got us to where we were,just a few short decades ago, AND REALISE WHAT WE ARE THROWING AWAY

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