News links for Feb. 2 2014 – 2

1. A short video of today’s march in protest of the socialist government in France

2. McCarthyism by the numbers. On Diana West and some of the fallout of her book, as well as value.

3. One NYC school drops its gifted program because reality fails to live up to Social Marxism so expertly desired now in the US.

(Like the Soviet Marxists, tis more important to pretend reality conforms to theory than actually adjust theory to conform to reality. The next step is usually to commit mass murder of all those who make the theory look bad.)

4. Muslim attempts to claim that Kenya violence is equally the problem of “radical Christians”

(Please note that in 2004, Kenya was 7% muslim while France was 10% islamic at that time. One can then imagine why France is so nervous now)

5. An Arab rebuts an anti Israel speaker. Below, from the original YT page:

(I downloaded and improved the audio to the extent that time permits),73… first arab member of the kibbutz. Jeff Halper is one of the most dishonest anti Israel campaigner I have ever met. I attended this event called ‘war on the people’ organised by ‘Jewish socialists’. The main part of this video is at the beginnign and at the end from 4:45 onwards.

6. On Jan 25 2014, Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda/Ikhwan/CAIR-CAN and about 25 other front group names, marched in Montreal and Toronto demanding things for a country about 5,800 miles away, namely Egypt. Wouldn’t it be great if they really felt that politics over there mattered so much, that they leave the comforts of Canada and go over there to sort it all out. I’m not exactly sure what they expect Mayor Ford to do about it, but here they are anyway.



(I must admit the Montreal ones at least use the local language. But if Mohamed heard this young girl singing in such a catchy manner…

Thank you Lena N, M, GoV, Fjordman and all who sent in material. More to come more sooner than later. More’s the pity.

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  1. 6/ Egyptian Muslims overwhelmingly rejected the MB and the sharia they were imposing. Whatever Egyptian Muslims do in fact want, and who knows, they did not want that.

    If the fanatics in these demonstrations want MB-imposed sharia for Egypt, despite what Egyptians in Egypt want, presumably they want sharia for Canada as well. I wonder if they are confident enough to say as much.

  2. That’s pretty confident. Such a clever idea, giving Canadian citizenship to these people.

    Sick as it makes me to see this on Parliament Hill, that’s probably the best place for it, and the more Youtubes of their agitation the better. The worm will turn, they will learn to fear the exposure.

  3. Classes for the gifted … What a sorry state. In canada both my two kids attended many decades ago. The qualifications were iq over 135 140 range. However all the teachers were too stupid to handle the concept and the organizers the stupid little bureaucrats were all impotently envious at the concept of others being more capable…. The concept of group solidarity etc and commonality to the lowest possible demoninator won out….apparently back then social skills took a precedent
    Today perhaps things have changed. However. I hear from the grape vine that finding good schools is getting more. and more difficult for those who want enriched programs. And don’t have the huge salaries for private learning…

  4. The beard would be what my father would’ve called a “red diaper” baby. All that’s left is an excrescence of the metaphor.

  5. “The beard” referred to #5 YT [above].

    @don c- Parliament Hill, I so love the place. And they’re busy identifying themselves with it. Such a shame.

    These MB demonstrations show heaps of hard currency spent for 1st-rate PR. Voices sweetly modulated, women & children, bright colors, friendly flags.

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