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1. Takeaway worker raped girl, 12, after he and two colleagues picked up her and three friends who stayed out past their bedtime

A takeaway worker faces deportation after he was jailed for raping a 12-year-old girl who was out past her bedtime.

Mohammed Hussain, 28, was driving home from work with two colleagues in the early hours in Leeds, West Yorkshire, when they spotted the group of four girls in a park.

2. Fury after Muslim guests at Commons event are told to use a BAR as a prayer room

(This article is an excellent item of proof that Islam is a system of political domination to a near infinitely greater degree than it is a religion or system of religious devotion. Why would it matter if a space offered to anyone for prayer etc. was also a bar at other times? I can understand perhaps if it was a brothel that was actually doing business at the time. Perhaps. But the idea that the generosity of the host who offered the bar gets turned around to an insult shows the intent. The fact that alcohol is forbidden to devout followers of islam has no bearing on this to the rational mind as they were not being required to drink any. As a result of this of course, they will want a dedicated muslim only space at the UK house of commons. And they will get one.)

A damning complaint to Commons catering bosses also reveals staff ‘shouted’ at guests to get out with some not even given time to eat their food.

It is a hugely embarrassing revelation at a time when officials are hoping to raise more money by hiring out rooms in Parliament.

Blunder: Commons staff are under fire for suggesting a room usually used as a bar be set aside as a prayer room for Muslims

Blunder: Commons staff are under fire for suggesting a room usually used as a bar be set aside as a prayer room for Muslims

Alcohol is banned by Islam and some Muslims refuse to even handle it, fearing it can turn make them forget about God and prayer.

But an organisation which booked a reception in the Commons was appalled to find staff had set aside a room often used as a bar for champagne receptions.

3. Nashville refugee map.

4. Sinai-based jihadist group claims credit for Eilat rocket attack    

(Iron dome shoots them down)


5. Austrian rape victim was arrested for having sex outside of marriage in UAE when she reported the crime… and told she had to MARRY her attacker

An Austrian woman who was raped in Dubai has been arrested for having extra martial sex and was told by police she could only avoid jail if she married her attacker.

The 29-year-old student from Vienna was facing a jail sentence having been accused of having sex outside of marriage and drinking alcohol, both of which are illegal in the United Arab Emirate capital.

6. British pensioner facing three years in Pakistan jail after being tricked into reading the Koran in public

(The above story is a superb example of the basic nature of Islam)

7. Syria becoming magnet for young French Muslims

(now how can we make it magnetic for Canada’s Muslims? I wonder if maybe we started a fund to buy them tickets…)

Thank you Taffy in Canada, M, Fjordman, C.B. Sashenka and all of you who read it and get it. More tomorrow.

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  1. Afghan election workers for Abdullah Abdullah shot dead (BBC, Feb 1, 2014)
    “Two Afghan election campaigners working for presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah have been shot dead in the western city of Herat. The shootings took place the day before campaigning officially starts for the 5 April vote. Local TV reports said gunmen attacked the two as they left a campaign office. Abdullah Abdullah was the runner-up in the disputed election of 2009 to President Karzai, who cannot stand this time. Mr Abdullah pulled out of the second round of the 2009 election because he said he feared the vote would be rigged. His spokesman, Sayed Fazel Sangcharaki, confirmed the deaths of the campaign workers on Saturday…”

  2. 5/ Since according to the article, the Austrian rape victim ‘is understood to be a Muslim,’ she might be better described as an ‘Austrian’ rape victim.

  3. Thought this was interesting:
    “her scarf became trapped in escalator and strangled her”

    When growing up I always remembered being told never have lose clothing when going on an escalator. Just another reason why Darth Vader shouldn’t hang out in western society.

    parisclaims that is an interesting video. What is the chance the next generation will take care of this mess we are creating for them?

  4. Sounds like socialistic Czechoslovakia in the 1970s or something like that. (Too many bad memories.) Well, “you” wanted socialism, you have socialism. Enjoy.

    Care Quality Commission’s David Prior attacks NHS culture (BBC, Feb 2, 2014)
    “The head of the health watchdog says the NHS in England has a culture that “doesn’t listen” and he has been “shocked” by behaviour he has seen. Care Quality Commission chairman David Prior said a rift between managers and clinicians was jeopardising safety and blocking improvements in care. He said the NHS could go bust without “serious change” and called for more competition to drive up standards. The government said it was trying to eradicate poor care and back openness. The NHS has suffered a series of damaging scandals over recent years and Mr Prior warned that lessons from them had yet to be learned. Last year an inquiry into Stafford Hospital found that years of abuse and neglect had led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of patients…”

  5. German national kidnapped in Yemen (CNN, Feb 2, 2014)
    “Armed tribesmen kidnapped a German national in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Saturday night, officials said Sunday. The German was studying Arabic at a language center in the old city of Sanaa. “He was on his way home in the Safia districts of the capital when he was snatched from the street and most likely taken to the central province of Mareb,” an Interior Ministry official told CNN. “Efforts are ongoing to ensure the safe release of the German national,” said Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi. Kidnapping has long been a problem in Yemen, with tribes often using foreign nationals as bargaining chips in their dealings with the central government. But the past 24 months have proven even more dangerous for foreigners…”

  6. Suspected Muslim rebels blamed for bomb attack in Thai south (Yahoo/Reuters, Feb 2, 2014)
    “Suspected Muslim rebels in southern Thailand killed three soldiers and a district election official in a bomb attack on Sunday as a general election was being held around the country. Police said the violence was not related to the election that has divided Thailand, with anti-government protesters and the main opposition Democrat Party opposing the vote. Jatra Promkaew, an election official in Pattani province, was killed along with three soldiers after gunmen fired shots at a security checkpoint and set off three bombs, police said. “Four people died in an attack carried out by a group of around 20 insurgents,” Pattani chief of police Phot Suaysuwan told Reuters. “The attack was related to ongoing violence in the southern provinces and unrelated to the election.””

  7. Report: Afghanistan cannot be trusted with US aid

    Despite some efforts to keep the findings private, a new report released by a government watchdog group this week found that Afghanistan cannot be trusted to properly spend the millions of dollars it receives in aid from the United States.

    In fact, the report – authored by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) – found that none of Afghanistan’s 16 ministries could be entrusted with US funds without high risk of that assistance being stolen or wasted. It can be read in full here (PDF).

    According to the New York Times, two global auditing firms were hired by the United States three years ago to verify Afghanistan’s ability to properly allocate funds. The details of the report were so negative, however, that officials at the US Agency for International Development, or USAID, pushed SIGAR to keep it a secret — a request that was denied based on the public’s right to know. The findings were published on Wednesday.

    more on the page :

  8. RE: Wrath0fKhan’s first clip about jumping the gun in Afghanistan => Election campaigners for Abdullah Abdullah shot dead the day _before_ campaigning officially starts…

    I saw this just after watching MB demonstrations for “democracy” in Parlament Square.

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