Links and news for Feb. 2 2014 – 1

1. Suspected Muslim rebels blamed for bomb attack in Thai south

(It certainly seems that wherever Muslims have the numbers, they create territory which is Islamic and under sharia law, then war on nearby areas, or sign a peace deal with those areas and then create a splinter group that violates that peace deal as soon as logistically possible. The Philippines seems to have insisted on learning this the hard way)

2. Men hurl grenade into Church on Sunday Morning in Philippines

3. Lee Rigby killer tried to gouge doctor’s eye out with a pen

4. San Francisco muslims gather to pray for rain.

(It’s a win-win for them. If no rain comes they can blame it on the homosexuality of San Francisco. If rain does come its thanks be to allah)

Islam. Sending Western nations backwards in time by 1400 years or more in only a few decades!

5. Boko Haram Kill A Pastor And 10 Worshippers In Adamawa State

Boko Haram

Barely a week after unknown gunmen struck in a Catholic Church in Chakawa village in Madagali local government area of Adamawa State, killing over 35 persons, another community in the local government has been attacked by suspected terrorists who killed a pastor and 10 members of his congregation.

The latest attack occurred on Friday night when gunmen attacked the EYN Church at Sabo Gari Gemadai Ward in Gulak, the local government headquarters.

6. D’Souza Responds to Indictment, Says He Got ‘Under President Obama’s Skin’ With Film

7. Report: Afghanistan cannot be trusted with US aid

Despite some efforts to keep the findings private, a new report released by a government watchdog group this week found that Afghanistan cannot be trusted to properly spend the millions of dollars it receives in aid from the United States.

In fact, the report – authored by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) – found that none of Afghanistan’s 16 ministries could be entrusted with US funds without high risk of that assistance being stolen or wasted. It can be read in full here (PDF).

Thank you Snaphanen, M, C.B. Sashenka, and all who sent in material. More to come.

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  1. 7. We allowed the country to become based on Sharia law and they expected different? I am sorry but this really was Bush’s fault here. Iraq will turn out the same way.

  2. Oh I see. But when the US invades ally the countries take out the leaders that’s ok?
    Or all the casualties including women and children? Oh but we done see that in cnn do we? No we just see crazy terrorist pictures with guns and the headline ISLAM!!!! Lol. Wow. Really? Your telling me that you don’t know that? Or is that ok because they don’t have your beliefs so F it’s all it’s not me. Right? It truly does amaze me that this society has turned like this. This is how in the dark the average person is and all they know is lets just POP off and talk some smack without having any opinion or thoughts of our own. Thousands and thousands of kids from 18-25 die in these wars and the news shows all of it? Or whatever source you use to get the info tog don’t really care about and just go along with majority? Still NOT ONE OF YOU HAVE OPENED THE BOOK AND READ IT THAT CAN GIVE ME WHERE THE ERROR IS ? I don’t care about anything else but that. Everything you have a question on is in the Quran. Show me please no BS internet sites if you really want to know the facts. Man. We still don’t get it. Anything that is media related is 98% BS.
    Facts please.

  3. Mark jansen.

    Since you only read bits and pieces of the Qur’an and don’t fully understand it I will help you out.

    Habi literally means: “belonging to war” Islamic jurspudence says it means a non-Muslim who does not live under the condition of the dhimma. That can be people living under Dar ul Kufr Asslie, Dar ul Kufr Taari or Dar ul Riddah lands.

    I am a non-muslim not living under under Islamic law or Dar ul Kufr Asslie which support Dar ul Riddah lands . What does that mean?

    A harbi has no worth what so ever. We have less value then a bug on a wall. It isn’t considered murder to kill me

  4. I guess their prayers worked. Wow rain. Bits and pieces and you as a non Muslim is quoting things that you don’t understand or know the meaning yourself. Stop beating behind the bush and go and open up a Quran what your reading is probably wrote by some dude that got Paid to write such a book because if you truly read the Quran you would not even say something like this. And why are you talking about war? Your in a country that has obtained everything through war and war crimes. From your valued pres bush to his dad and his dad as well. Youmake no sense and your being a hypocrite. Of course to will quote and choose from books that look at ISLAM from a negative eye. You either don’t know don’t care or are even more ignorant and blind than everyone else. I spoke and commented with utmost respect and all I see and hear is BS quoted from BS. Why won’t you show it to me in the Quran? Oh ya the super bowl is on! Let’s blind ourselves some more. I drive by homeless ppl day in and day out going to work. Who is the only one that can spare some change and help a non Muslim out? Yeah a Muslim. Nobody else have I seen that would spare a pathetic quarter. Yes I am not there the whole day to see if someone does but based on the little time I see with absolutely no help draws a more clear view of the bigger problem.
    I am a nobody just like you and everyone else. This big talk that comes from absolutely no factual basis means zero to me. Come with a stronger debate friend not crap you found on the internet that is BS.

  5. Gunfire erupts as police raid mosque in Mombasa

    Gunfire erupted in and around a mosque in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa on Sunday following a raid by armed police who had received a tip-off that Muslim youths were being radicalized and trained for militant attacks.

    The raid sparked violent protests inside the Masjid Mussa mosque in the city’s run-down Majengo neighbourhood and in the surrounding streets. Police fired teargas and live rounds over the heads of taunting crowds, who hurled stones back.

    Breaking up Islamist militant networks among its Muslim minority has become a priority for Kenya

  6. Good for London. We aren’t getting anything in the states so it’s relevant to what I said. Wasn’t meant for London. We all know London gets a lot of rain and is always cloudy. Why would you even say something so irrelevant friend? I was replying to the comment about ” it’s a win win rain comes down , great no rain they can blame it in the homosexuals” so since it was in SF it’s very relevant to our drought and the much needed rain

  7. Mark janson:

    All that and you didn’t even attempt to correct my understanding of the term.
    The reason is because you never heard of the term you had to look it up and you still don’t understand it.

    Try to understand this. Killing me isn’t murder according to the Sharia and you will understand our problem.

    The term Harbi isn’t used by most people learning about Islam surprisingly. I found it under a Qur’anic Studies web site which is very pro-Islam.

    Islamic terminology is extremely important. For example, Islam isn’t primarily a religion it is considered a Iqamat-ud-Deen which has no English translation but it can be thought of as a complete system of life no other belief on the planet is even similar to it.

    I am sure you know what the Deen is but I am positive you don’t know most of the extremely important terminologies.

  8. ox: yo don’t believe I’ve read it? LOL you should have said I Don’t believe. Because as a job believer you will remain unhappy unsuccessful and will fail ultimately at the end. Why are you assuming something and you yourself cannot find that in the Quran. Show it to me. Your telling me I haven’t read it well of you’ve read it where is it?

  9. Ox: again from your ignorance your quoting misleading terms. There is no killing in Islam plain and simple. Unless you are defending yourself or a really logical reason. Which almost isn’t any except for protecting yourself. That’s why I keep asking you to show me I’m Quran and you cannot. I don’t care which site is pro ISLAM and where you source tire info. I strongly recommend like the other 7 times I said it to me in the Quran. Don’t use dumb sites that we have absolute no knowledge of who is behind that site. Why is that so hard for you to do? If your fellow colleagues fall for the verbiage and terminology you use like the average person does, it doesn’t phase me one bit. Big words that have no backing behind it of any legit source. If you think I an the one that needs questioning you are absolutely wrong and need to stop going by what the websites and the individuals that have the same false understanding. I urge you to see for yourself. You are telling me and making others think that these occurrences only happen in Muslim countries and their surrounding neighbors? If that is truly what you believe than you should ask yourself what the other side side says. There’s always 3 sides of the story as they say; your story, my story and the truth. Bring yourself down a bit from the clouded skies of London and try and get a better understanding of religion. We are a herd a sheep and just follow that one person nobody can see but because of the level of comfort we are in we continue to follow BLINDLY.
    it’s not about Christianity Judaism Hinduism or ISLAM it’s about NO RELIGION PERIOD!
    When calamity strikes which does to all of us remember this conversation. We need lusten to our hearts more than our brain

  10. I will check it out following this reply: People have made Jihad into a really negative word. This does not mean to go and kill people in the name of Allah or God. What would be he her of that? This is intended in the effect of go and spread the word of truthfulness. It means to basically be selfless in the name of God and spread the truth. It means to give up some of your time and to help other people get the word. It’s not intended for killing for god. That’s what everyone’s thoughts are because you’ve been fed that since 1st grade. That’s why I keep referring to the best, most accurate, reference book of all time the Holy Quran. The references that your giving me have no solid foundation.

  11. Saw sons of the so called violence verses. Friend, if your going to share something of this importance you also need to share the prelude one “summary”. Not one or the other. What about what takes place before these verses? We don’t share that part because even the average ignorant person will understand why these words and verses were said. Come on. That’s just plain and simple cheating the average Joe that doesn’t care to look it up and says ” oh these Muslims they are violent look it says it in their holy book!” So you can pick any verse and I’ll clarify for you what event took place to lead to that “violence”

  12. Mark jansen:

    The verses that came before those verses were abrogated. I never said you didn’t read the Qur’an I said you don’t understand it. I am positive of that.

    For example. Mohammad used to allow drinking in verses prior. If you read the Qur’an and not realize drinking was abrogated you would think it was ok because Mohammad drank.

  13. @blue

    Yucki says, “Unbelievable negligence.”

    I would suggest it is willful negligence.

    As the case with most decent Muslims the socialist in our society are similar.

  14. Mark, (I don’t know why you don’t use your Islamic slave name),
    We know a religious people by their fruit, how they treat the unbeliever in their midst. The case is closed. We look for the source of their inhumanity, and find theKoran and hatred to those who do not submit. We look at Mohammad and find a person who would be happy in the company of Tony Blair and Barak Obama.

    The evidence is obvious.

    All we have left is the reason for your self-castrated dhimmitude. Your lack of masculinity to stand on your own two feet and outbursts of bitch-rages when the religion or you are insulted. This would serve as a warning to all children. Would you share when you first “came out” of the closet and a “Preferential Rights” person stepped out? Christians testify to giving up and letting go of a vanity and vice, your judgements are held up with pride.
    You have an eclectic audience here, please explain why you serve a murderer, kiddy fiddler and thief? There is nothing normal about your stance except fan-boy inadequacy and a lifetime on porn sites where you are hidden behind a veil.

  15. To quote a wooden puppet, “for this I keeeell you!”

    If Mohammad were a saint I’d see his example, but the kingdom is of misery, deception (taqyya), and poverty. Nelson Mandela was not teflon as Mohammad was to make it up as he went along.
    The faithfreedom website is more geared for you, this site is more for the liberal wimps who do not know how terrible Islam really is, because the socialists have controlled the media with the Communist refrain that all is well, that the now expect to hear it.

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