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6 Replies to “Michael Coren on Soda stream, OXFAM and Scarlett Johansson”

  1. The Liberal Leftists always contradict themselves and create more dilemmas than they solve (not that they solve any at all).
    So here you have Scarlett, presumably a Leftist and an Obama supporter too, but she also supports Israel.
    What can the Leftards do now?
    Well, they can do what they always do – they can whinge, blacklist, and cry like babies, but they can’t compromise and they can’t see reason or reality, because let’s face it – they’re thick.
    They are so stupid, it’s unbelievable – and what’s more they’re vicious just like the Palestinians and the Muslims that they support.
    The thing is, they’re not vicious enough, not brave enough, and not clued up enough. When the free world is finally all over and then it’s all down to two types of people left on Earth, it will be a showdown between the Muslims and their useful idiot friends, the Liberals.
    Guess who will win that battle!

    In the meantime the rest of the World chugs on blindly. Israel chugs away, we chug away and the Leftists dream of unicorns, hate their fellow man, and slowly but surely destroy the civilised World and at the same time destroy themselves with it.

    These people have to be dealt with. They’ve got to go, and I mean it, they really have to go!

  2. We are asked to be Multiracial and Multicultural in the West. Britain probably couldnt say that it is a Christian, Anglo-Celtic nation without an uproar : mainly from Jews and Muslims and atheistic sorts.

    Yet Israel repeatedly reinforces its Jewish character and calls itself a Jewish state. Liberal Boycotters who are sincerely backing Multicult policy don’t even realize that the Diaspora and the Israeli are Multicult sponsors on one hand and ethno-nationalists on the other. Johannson is typical in this. Backs monocultural domination there, supports ruinous equalitarianism in the US.

  3. Egypt says it killed 13 ‘extremists’ in Sinai airstrikes (CNN, Jan 31, 2014)
    “Egypt’s military launched airstrikes in the country’s Sinai peninsula, killing 13 people who the military called “extremists” loyal to the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood, state media reported. The Thursday night strikes hit four homes in the northern Sinai, state media reported Friday, citing military spokesman Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali. Details about what led to the attacks weren’t immediately available. The strikes follow at least two recent deadly incidents on the peninsula…”

  4. Dan

    You have a point. The late Laurence Auster pointed out that liberal Jews view Christianity as the main threat. Yet, it is Christians in the US that are the main constituent that prevents the US regime from abandoning Israel. Without the support of its main and only real ally, Israel would be in a very difficult position.

    Liberal lefty Jews are sitting comfortably in the US knowing this, and can afford to have their left liberal ideologies, as it does not impact on them or Israel.

  5. The strongest support for the state of Israeli as a sovereign Jewish homeland comes from practicing Christians in North America. It’s such an elemental truth, and there’s so much extraneous noise, it bears repeating.

    The more fundamental their Christianity, the more sincere their patriotism, the safer Israel and Jews everywhere. Truman, Nixon, Reagan, George W, and the US military. Stephen Harper.

    Forget Europe. Christianity has been disappearing along with patriotism and democracy. Now Jews are no longer welcome or even safe in Europe. Duh!

    DP111, you’ve nailed a monster frustration: “Liberal lefty Jews are sitting comfortably in the US knowing this, and can afford to have their left liberal ideologies, as it does not impact on them or Israel.”
    Way too many. They were wrong in the 1930s and they’re wrong now. Way wrong. They just happen to be noisy, short-sighted Jews.

    Tune them out because there’s another core truth that’s perhaps more pertinent: Jews are the canaries in the coal-mine. Maybe that’s why G-d has spared them annihilation, repeatedly. When Jews are destroyed, Christians are next.

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