News links for Jan. 28 2014 – 2

1. CAIR-CAN sues the Canadian PM for linking it with Hamas.

(Initially it was because they wanted Harper to not have a rabbi with him on his Israel trip)

(Read the comments and try and spot the ones with Arabic-like syntax)

2. US Sec State Kerry delusional about Syria.

3. Upper Egypt: Al-Shamiya Christians murdered for failure to pay extortion

4. Polish party links up with Hungarian far left


Thank you Richard, Fjordman, C.B. Sashenka, M,

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  1. 1/ Should be like shooting fish in a barrel. Fat hubristic fish in a small barrel. Should be carnage, actually. Since ‘notorious’ Robert Spencer, with his ‘public record of hatemongering and Islamophobia’, is at the heart of the matter, just bring him back north and have him tell the facts for the record. But will the PMO really take aim? How broad is CAIR-CAN’s support among Canadian arselifters? I hope we see more plainspoken principle, less political calculus in this.

  2. 3 Christians becoming fugitives in Egypt for not paying jizya? This is what started WWI. This should be big news. I know nothing about it other then the little burp.

  3. Eeyore ask people this question, If international socialism is the far left and national socialism is the far right where do the non socialist fit in the political spectrum.

  4. National Socialism is fascist, authoritarian and piranha-right while International Socialism is communist, totalitarian and shark-left. The rest is democratic, humanistic and soft-hearted.

  5. If you have socialism on the left and the right you are leaving no room for any other philosophy, both communism and fascism are marxist philosophies, they belong on the same side with the anti socialists on the opposite side.

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