News links for Jan 27 2014 – 3

1. Pigs heads mailed to Israeli embassy and synagogues on Holocaust memorial day. 

(Unlike tards however, they won’t riot or kill anyone or burn anything down. Although they may forward the packages to local Chinese restaurants. Also I bet the syntax of the note mentioned is suspiciously Arabic. Would like to see it)

2. Egypt Air Force helicopter ‘downing’ a major escalation.

The reported shooting down of an Egyptian Air Force helicopter by Islamic militants with a portable surface-to-air missile marks a serious escalation in the challenge facing the Egyptian military.

It is fighting what amounts to an Islamist insurgency fused with wider lawlessness in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian forces have relied heavily on US Apache gunships and various Russian helicopters in their battle with the militants.

(Maybe they will bomb the Muslim Brotherhood’s new HQ in London)

3. UPDATE 2-Gunmen kill at least 62 in Nigeria, including in church

Gunmen set off bombs, fire on congregation

* Islamist Boko Haram often target Christians

* Nigerian forces are struggling to contain insurgency (Updates death toll from second attack)

YOLA, Nigeria, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Suspected insurgents armed with guns and explosives killed at least 62 people in northeast Nigeria, including at a church service, in a region where Islamist sect Boko Haram is resisting a military crackdown, witnesses said on Monday.

They killed 22 people by setting off bombs and firing into the congregation in the Catholic church in Waga Chakawa village in Adamawa state on Sunday, before burning houses and taking residents hostage during a four-hour siege, witnesses said.

4. China: Twelve dead in Xinjiang violence

Clashes that killed 12 people in China’s western region of Xinjiang were caused by “terrorists”, Chinese state media report, citing police.

Six people were shot dead by police and six were killed in explosions in Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture on Friday, state media said.

Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur minority group, sees sporadic clashes.

5. US condemns Afghan order to free 37 ‘Taliban prisoners’ 

A prisoner is freed after a ceremony handing over Bagram prison to the Afghan authorities in March 2013 Afghan authorities took over running Bagram jail in March last year

The US military has condemned an order by the Afghan government to release 37 prisoners deemed by the Americans to pose a threat to security.

In a statement, the US said it was an “extra-judicial release” of detainees that would be “a major step backwards”.

(Creating new category for this one. ‘What could possibly go wrong?’)

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Fjordman, and all who sent in links. I am moving a bit slowly today but still hope to have that important Quebec video tonight or at least some of it.


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2 Replies to “News links for Jan 27 2014 – 3”

  1. #2 The manpads probably came from those looted in Libya.

    #4 As the worlds economy weakens China faces more and more ethnic tensions, what you have to remember about China (it isn’t often mentioned) is that China is a few modern cities surrounded by a third world country. Despite what they are saying they don’t have enough internal wealth to keep their economy going, they depend on exports and when we stop importing they stop exporting and start facing massive economic problems.

  2. #2 Yes, Richard is correct.

    #4 Screw the Chinese. Well I would like to in a political sense. I have a dog in the fight.

    The High Up Muckety Mucks in the CCCP should have thought about the consequences of de-legitimizing the American government and empowering the left. So the Left is in charge, the American economy is sick and and China has caught life threatening pneumonia as well.

    G D stupid M Fers. “Be careful what you wish for” – ancient Chinese proverb.

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