Quebec charter under debate. The new, ‘Laicite’?

In Quebec now, the potential new charter asking for no public displays of religiosity is under hot debate in the Quebec legislature. Last night I posted one video with a link to a CBC article already and today I expect to post at least two more.

Below, is a rather blunt and almost illegally honest and direct opinion (by modern Marxist standards of course) of one man about the effects of Islam on Quebec.

S.K. Offers the following commentary on last nights video linked here:

They are uneducated people, simple people from the rural areas. They have been mocked so much, but somehow their unsophisticated views are slowly turning the public’s shame into appreciation for their testimony.

One phrase stands out: They went to Morocco for a visit and visited a mosque.  They had to take off their shoes.  They had never heard of this before but they did it.  And then, they made them go down on hands and knees on a carpet !!!

Somehow, here in Québec, we are now doing the same thing, meaning going down on hands and knees for them…

They also spoke of a situation in the bazaar where they were hit on the right side and then, the left side, by people entirely covered in black… couldn’t tell what or who they were.

By the way, support for the Charter is increasing, up to 60% now.  Should elections be held today, the P.Q. government would win with a majority !!!  All because of the Charter.

Incredible the number of muslims testifying in favor of the Charter.  It’s making the no-Charter people think twice.

Finally, there is one muslim woman elected to the Liberal party: Fatima Houda-Pépin.  Liberal party is against the Charter.  They want case by case decisions.  Fatima quit the Liberal party yesterday.  She is an elected member to the National Assembly under the Liberal party for at least 20 years.  It’s a huge blow for the opposition.

A number of people need to be mentioned for their help on these videos.

Bare Naked Islam, Bear for the translations, C.B. Sashenka who helped edit the translations, S.K. who hipped me to several more and is doing a translation of one as well as offered additional information I put in this post.


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  1. If the charter isn’t addressing the problem head on, some of the speakers at these hearings plainly are. It was great to hear this gentleman get a laugh for his crack about the Koran, seems it’s still legal to have a sense of humour in Quebec. Here’s a Juste pour rire I’ve never seen on the inflight entertainment on flights out of the Middle East:

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