News items for January 20 2014 – 2

1. Al-Qaeda training British and European ‘jihadists’ in Syria to set up terror cells at home

British people passport-holders fighting in Syria are being trained as “jihadists” and then encouraged to return to the UK to launch attacks on home soil, an al-Qaeda defector has told The Daily Telegraph.

In a rare interview on Turkey’s border with Syria, the defector from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) said that recruits from Britain, Europe and the US were being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology, trained in how to make and detonate car bombs and suicide vests and sent home to start new terror cells. He has provided the first confirmation from Syrian rebels that young British men are being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology.

2. UAE and other Sunni states introducing or contemplating military conscription.

3. GoV last post on the muslim enclave that blew up and then was covered up by the DHS. (unless important new data comes in of course)

4. I was just informed that a video I edited in July 2012 of the Brussels Counter-Jihad conference has pretty much hit a half million views. I think this makes it worth posting again. This is a Christian father from the Middle East explaining life for Christians in an Islamic country.

5. U.S. missionary Kenneth Bae, imprisoned in reclusive North Korea for more than a year, said on Monday he wants to return to his family as soon as possible and hopes the United States will help, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported.

6.Euro-Jihad? Radicalised EU citizens raise terror spectre on home front

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  1. #2 I can’t personally imagine the present crop of young Emirati men defending anything larger than a platter of French fries, but it will be amusing to see how this develops.

  2. He has provided the first confirmation from Syrian rebels that young British men are being indoctrinated in extremist anti-Western ideology.

    I suppose they were invited to read the koran.

  3. on the executions video.

    Please note that the executions are not Islamic, as they are not accompanied by chants of “allahu ackbar”.

  4. Suicide bombing kills four in Hezbollah area of south Beirut

    (Reuters) A suicide bomber killed four people on Tuesday in a residential district of southern Beirut known for its support of the powerful Shi’ite Muslim military and political movement Hezbollah, security sources said.

    […]The blast occurred on a busy street of small shops and restaurants in the Haret Hreik area of the Lebanese capital’s largely Shi’ite southern suburbs and fit the profile of previous attacks against Hezbollah targets claimed by Sunni militants.

    A Twitter account purportedly run by the Lebanese branch of the Nusra Front, a Syrian rebel group with links to al Qaeda, said it carried out the attack, but it was not possible to verify the claim.

  5. #1 and 6 This is a danger that all western nations face, it is also one of the reasons I think civilization is going to fall, we have invited the barbarians into the city and are allowing them free access to our homes so they can murder us.

  6. #2 The military and police force rely heavily on foreigners who make up around 90 percent of the UAE’s population.

    90% of the population are foreign second class workers and semi slaves. Not likely a loyal populace. Could they stand for an afternoon against anything that attacks them?

  7. UK Islamic group condemns website featuring cartoons of Prophet Mohamed and Jesus

    The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) publishes statement against ‘potentially inflammatory’ nature of cartoons, suggesting they are as ‘insulting’ as Danish cartoons from 2005

    One of the most influential Islamic organisations in the UK has slammed a website that publishes cartoons featuring Prophet Mohamed and Jesus.

    The website, Jesus and Mo, features a weekly comic strip in which the two prophets debate and joke about the central tenets of Islam and Christianity.

    The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) published a statement saying that the images were “extremely offensive to believers” of the two faiths and “potentially inflammatory,” and urged the website’s operators to take down the comics at once.

    The site’s most-recent comic, from 15 January, shows Prophet Mohamed and Jesus in bed together, with Prophet Mohamed reading the Bible and grilling Jesus over the believability of the resurrection.

    The website’s operators have refused to remove the cartoons.

    english( dot )ahram( dot )org( dot ) eg/NewsContent/2/9/92083/World/International/UK-Islamic-group-condemns-website-featuring-cartoo.aspx

    the website :

  8. Petition to deselect LibDem candidate Maajid Nawaz for tweeting Jesus and Mo cartoon

    On their Sunday morning programme The Big Questions on 12th January, the producers opted not to display it to viewers even though the Jesus and Mo satirical comic strip was the very topic of debate. By doing so, they chose to manifest and perpetuate a certain hyper-sensitivity to an imagined sharia compliance with which very few British Muslims actually accord, let alone the vast majority of non-Muslims. By censoring this innocuous image, the BBC is inculcating the whole nation with the belief that depictions of Mohammed are haram – forbidden – and that everyone – people of all faiths and none – must respect and obey this precept.

    Setting aside the irrefutable historic fact that Shia Muslims have a centuries-old tradition of depicting Mohammed, and this sort of strict censorship being principally a Sunni assertion of belief (including the malignant Wahhabi-Salafi strain), it is surely not for the state broadcaster to take a dogmatic view of the deeply-held sensitivities of one religious denomination, or to impose a moral view of religious blasphemy when Parliament has abolished the concept.

    more on the page :

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