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14 Replies to “Russia warns about this woman who is a threat to the Olympics”

  1. Top Syrian rebel leader supported by the Obama Regime, admits to being a member of al-Qaeda

    Abu Khaled al-Suri is the leader of the Islamic Front’s largest faction, Ahrar al-Sham, who just acknowledged that he considers himself a member of al Qaeda, an admission that undercuts Western hopes that the new Islamic Front would be an acceptable counter to the rising influence of other al Qaeda affiliates in Syria.


  2. Warning.

    The link above also contains a beheadings video – al Qaeda linked groups, so they may well be financed by the US, UK and France.

    ANOTHER denunciation of Assad in the western media:

    Now I have no idea if Assad is anywhere near the brutal tyrant he is portrayed in the western media, for one thing I don’t trust a word they say, even the so called ‘right wing’ press. All I know is that every time I have seen him speak he comes across as cultured and reasonable, he is not given to rants. I know that a lot of the ‘atrocities’ loudly laid at his door by the western media have later on, quietly been admitted to be the work of the ‘rebels’. I know that when Obama started threatening military action against Assad if he used chemical weapons that I correctly predicted that civilians would suffer a chemical attack – laid at the door of Assad. It would have been a crazy act on the part of Assad, not the least because he had no need to use such weapons.
    Now the ‘rebels’:. Not day goes by without some atrocity being committed by these animals – beheadings, torture, summary execution, casual brutality, as I have said before, acts of contrived brutality and bestiality surreal in their inventiveness. From the western press – NOT A WHIMPER, not even cold impassionate reporting of the facts, let alone a word of criticism, condemnation. WHY, you have to ask yourself.The same thing happened with Kosovo – complete cover up of the crimes committed by the KLA, exaggeration, sensationalisation and even outright lies about acts committed by Serbian troops.
    Now I probably wouldn’t like to live in a country run by Assad or Milosevich, but if I only had the choice of them or muslim extremists the choice wouldn’t be a hard one.
    So why do the western media SOLIDLY back the forces of anarchy, extremism against the forces of order ?, lying, dissembling, obfuscating in the process. Why are there absolutely NO dissenting opinions ANYWHERE in the media ?
    SO – CUI BONO – WHO GAINS ? People only lie to a purpose.
    There used to be a saying about brutal regimes: ‘He may be a bastard, but he’s OUR bastard’. Who’s bastards are ‘Al Qeida’ ? Come to that, who’s bastards are the media ?

  4. Oh, and further to my last comment, in the above article in the Telegraph, NO COMMENTS ALLOWED, on the article. NO dissenting voices to the narrative.

  5. @phil

    Assad is an Alawite, a Shia sect that is despised by Sunni Muslims. He is no saint but under his authority a lot of protection has been given to minorities including Christians.
    Now that Syria is in a civil war, in places where Assad’s government has lost control, minorities are being persecuted by Sunni rebels, many of them members of Sunni terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda. So its clear that the bad guys are the rebels and not Assad’s government.
    When chemical weapons were used, Obama wanted to jump in straight away without checking the facts first and send money and weapons to the rebels, his little Sunni friends. He was only stopped by Putin.
    Of course, the evidence now suggests that it was the rebels who used chemical weapons and not Assad. But of course, hasty Obama didn’t wait to check that first. We can all guess why.

  6. JAN 21 2014 – Russian police kill Islamist militant leader before Olympics

    MOSCOW – Police have killed a senior Islamist militant in a shootout in Russia’s North Caucasus ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the National Anti-terror Committee said on Tuesday.

    The shooting of Eldar Magatov, a suspect in numerous attacks on Russian targets, at a house where he had taken refuge in the Dagestan region was part of an intensifying security clampdown as the Games approach


  7. Syria is not in a civil war, as Western media constantly frames it; it’s an Islamic, sunni vs shia religious war. End of story. It just happens to be occurring in Syria.

  8. Softly Bob; Sorry, but in my opinion Obama didn’t jump the gun. HE, or at least the American intelligence services SET IT UP. I knew, as soon as Obama, quite out of the blue started threatening action in the event of a chemical attack that one would come. It really was that obvious, NO previous use or threat of chemical weapons use. NO need or possible advantage in using chemical weapons. EVERYTHING to lose by taking such action, especially after witnessing what happened to Gadaffi after his ‘rebels’ toppled his regime with the help of British and US air support. (before they and their western/Saudi supplied/financed weapons moved on to Syria). Assads ‘rebels’ had EVERYTHING to win by staging a chemical attack: They KNEW that the western media would blame Assad, no matter what the evidence, and that if they were found out the press would play it down, if mentioning at all. They KNEW that the US were champing at the bit and had the ships and aircraft already in place. It was only only some deft diplomatic footwork by Putin, and some very belligerent sabre rattling by Russia and China which headed the Americans off.
    Only a raving mad man would have used chemical weapons in such circumstances.
    And the Americans have a long track record of staging ‘provocations’

  9. British soldiers claim their Afghan colleagues take drugs and ‘touch up the guys they are working with’ (dailymail, Jan 21, 2014)
    “British soldiers have claimed their Afghan colleagues regularly take drugs and sometimes ‘touch up the guys they were working with’.The soldiers made the comments as they raised concerns over the Afghan forces while speaking about the future of the country and whether the NATO mission was a success. The revelations come as Stanley McChrystal, former US commander General, warned Afghanistan could slip back into civil war if it does not continue to receive support from the West following the withdrawal of most international troops this year. Speaking to the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme, one of the unidentified soldiers, while talking about drug taking by Afghan soldiers, said: ‘The men out there basically on a Thursday enjoy each other’s company, it tends to be a Thursday Friday, and sometimes they would try, they would basically touch up the guys that they were working with and some things like that, especially if they were high, which for some unfortunately was quite a lot.'”

  10. When the deluded elites start taking us counter-jihadists down, all we have to do is to remind them of our human rights! 😉

    Free within days, the extremist plotting UK Mumbai-style attack: Fanatic who attended training camp with July 21 bombers will have controls lifted to protect human rights (dailymail, Jan 21, 2014)
    “An Islamist fanatic will be freed from anti-terror controls within days despite being ‘determined’ to carry out a Mumbai-style attack in Britain. The extremist attended a terror training camp in Cumbria with four of the five attempted suicide bombers involved in the London attacks of July 21, 2005. He repeatedly tried to buy guns in what was suspected as a plot to carry out a mass-casualty attack in the UK, and has also travelled to Syria for ‘training’. The plotter, known only as ‘CD’, was put under a Terrorism Prevention Investigation Measure (T-PIM) – including a tag and strict curfew – to protect the public in January 2012. The Security Service say that without the T-PIM there is ‘a real risk CD will seek to revive his plans to undertake attacks in the UK’. He has a number of associates in London ‘in connection with the attempted purchase of firearms’ and officials say that he would be able to quickly buy weapons. But the order will be lifted on Sunday under rules introduced to protect the ‘human rights’ of terror suspects. This is despite a judge ruling that the man has been trained in terrorism and that his ‘views and determination are unchanged’…”

  11. Sorry to go on Eeyore, but heres a SECOND article in a day from the Telegraph


    One from the Mail


    Now, as I have said, I have no idea how bad Assad really is, still pictures are notoriously easy to fake – even I can do it – and there is no proof that these injuries were inflicted by the regime rather than RECORDED by them whether in whole or in part. (A legitimate government, who has to answer to the ‘international community’ and at least giving the impression of decent government would not have anything to gain by having 55,000 pictures recording their crimes)
    Whereas the ‘rebels’ revel in their inhumanity and never miss an opportunity to broadcast their evil acts to the world. Two surfaced today on VT, one a video of four young men shot in a grave ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING TO WATCH. Another, a link to Bare Naked Islam shows two young men being beheaded in a most cruel, terrifying and painful way. It makes me sick to my stomach. What agony and terror these poor young people must have gone through.
    From our press/media ? NOTHING.
    From our politicians ? NOTHING
    I am NOT a fan or a supporter of Assad, apart from the clear impression that those poor people of Syria would quite obviously be far better off under his government than they would being ruled by these sub human animals.
    WHY IS OUR MEDIA, OUR WHOLE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT SUPPORTING SUCH HORROR ? I’m sorry to go on, but the idea that my country in any way supports this indescribable barbarity fills me we shame and sorrow.
    And the facts that half a million of their co religionists are imported into this country every year, that their birthrate is starting to outstrip those of the indigenous population, that so many British passport holders are going to places like Syria to ‘learn their trade’, with barely a nod of censure just fills me with dread. What on earth is the fate that awaits my children and grandchildren ?
    IS IT ME ? am I quite mad ? Dangerously deluded ? Sadly mistaken ? Even when I try to explain to my friends, family my concerns for the future it just seems to barely register – ‘It’s only Dad going on again’ – they seem to trust the media far more than me. Am I over egging it ? Am I wrong to be worried – WHAT ?

  12. Phil

    Assad does not look or speak like a brutal dictator. In fact he comes across as reasonable, and trying to do his best in a situation made far worse by the US , UK and France. It is the last three who have financed and politically supported al Qaeda, and far worse groups of genocidal Muslims.

    How does one fight Islamic fanatics who make the Nazis appear civilised by comparison. Did we obey all the rules of war when fighting the Nazis or communists in Vietnam, even though the communists or Nazis were not half as barbaric as the so-called freedom fighters we support in Syria?

    It is to be expected that Syrian troops are going to be brutal with al Qaeda and its supporters. This is a civil war we should watch carefully, as it is a template for the war that our idiot politicians have bequeathed us, by allowing large scale Muslim immigration to the West.

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