News links for Jan 16 2014 – 3

1. Multiculturalism in New York City. Beheadings and islamic neighborhoods. 

2. graphic video of people killed in Aleppo. Video from Oct. but uploaded only yesterday.

3. Egypt voters overwhelmingly back constitution  

About 90 percent of voters approved the constitution, the state news agency and a government official said.

It comes as no surprise: the constitution won wide support among Egyptians who backed the army overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in July, and there was little or no trace of a no campaign as the state presses a campaign on dissent.

4. Turks planning a second mega-mosque for Strasbourg



Thank you Richard, M, Fjordman and all. More to come I’m sorry to say.

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  1. Little is developing into a no go zone, if the west is to survive we must not rely on our governments who are doing nothing to protect us and our culture.

  2. Clashes rage at Egyptian college (CNN, Jan 16, 2014)
    “Clashes erupted on the campus of Egypt’s Cairo University on Thursday, resulting in the shooting death of one student and injuries to four others, the country’s Interior Ministry said. The ministry said police entered the campus to “restore security” and to “protect lives and property.” The state-run MENA news agency said after two hours of fighting, “a state of cautious calm prevailed.” This violence flared a day after the country voted on a new constitution after years of deadly violence. The country has been in political turmoil since the military ousted former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsy from the presidency last year…”

  3. 8 family members among 14 shot dead in Baghdad (CNN, Jan 16, 2014)
    “The bodies of 14 men shot dead and with some signs of torture were found in an area north of Baghdad on Thursday, police said. The men were taken Wednesday by armed men in military uniforms who raided the mainly Sunni Arab town of Mashahda, police said. Iraq has been engulfed by sectarian violence for many months. According to police, eight of the men were from one family. In other parts of the country, at least 11 people died Thursday in shootings and explosions, police said. The incidents occurred in Mosul, Ramadi, Tikrit, Baquba, as well as Baghdad, police said.”

  4. 2 held in London on terror charges (CNN, Jan 16, 2014)
    “Police in London arrested two women Thursday on suspicion of being involved in preparations for acts of terrorism, they announced. One was arrested at Heathrow airport as she prepared to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. The second was arrested in northwestern London, the Metropolitan Police said. Police said the arrests were “intelligence-led and not in response to any immediate threat or risk.””

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