News links for Jan 16 2014 – 2

1. Very interesting developments in Ireland. Letter sent out to mosques etc.

(One commenter explains that this mosque letter is a fake, several years old and probably written by Muslims for sympathy and greater influence. Sadly I find that all too likely. What a shame)

2. Central Africa Republic religious hatred was underestimated: France

(I will clip a bit below, but keep in mind it is a grotesquely spin-doctored article as it fails to mention that muslims staged a coup and stole power in a Christian country and started forcing muslim values on all, and slaughtering and disenfranchising Christians as the do everywhere and then when the Christians started to fight back, suddenly its ‘religious violence’ etc. as if the fault was somehow equally apportioned.)

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The level of hatred in Central African Republic between Muslims and Christians has been underestimated and is creating a “nearly impossible” situation for African Union and French forces to combat, France’s U.N. envoy said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a U.N. event about early warning signs for mass atrocities, Gerard Araud suggested the United Nations consider turning to psychologists or ethnologists to help understand and combat the deadly resentment because religious leaders’ calls for calm were being ignored.

Waves of massacres and reprisals by Muslim and Christian militias have killed hundreds, if not thousands, in Central African Republic since rebels seized power in March 2012, waking the world up to the fact that it might be witnessing the prelude to another Rwanda, where 800,000 were hacked, shot or clubbed to death in 100 days in 1994.

(I bet that Muslim religious leaders call for calm in public and demand attacks in the mosques.)

3. Nearly 1,100 killed in Syria rebel-jihadist battles: NGO

4. JAN – 16th 2014 – LEBANON – HERMEL – 4 dead – car bomb

Thank you M, Fjordman, all who sent in material.

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  1. 1/
    Very encouraging. I like the way the letter says that they will attack any Muslim. It looks like a civil war may be about to start. I often wondered about Ireland and whether or not the nation was aware of the dangers of Islam, but it look as if they are fighting back now as well.

  2. #1I saw that about two years ago. It’s a fake. Sorry, everyone – you’ve been had. Don’t waste your time imagining it has been written by Irish Patriots, or suchlike.

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