News links for January 15 2014 – 1

1. Nigeria violence: Deadly bomb blast in Maiduguri

burning car

Boko Haram sent a message to journalists saying it was behind the attack

A car bomb has exploded in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing at least 17 people. The Islamist group Boko Haram said it carried out the attack. A suspect has been arrested, the military says.

2. Al Jazeera Arabic admits France, Israel more humane. (Excerpts from 45 min show)

3. MIT Professor Urging Climate Change Activists To ‘Slow Down’

“The changes that have occurred due to global warning are too small to account for,” he told WBZ-TV. “It has nothing to do with global warming, it has to do with where we live.”

Lindzen endorses sensible preparedness and environmental protection, but sees what he terms “catastrophism” in the climate change horror stories.

“Global warming, climate change, all these things are just a dream come true for politicians. The opportunities for taxation, for policies, for control, for crony capitalism are just immense, you can see their eyes bulge,” he says.

(Of course he is spot on. I see ‘global warming’ as the secular equivalent to Christian ‘Revelations’.)

4. Welfare for Immigrants: EU Wants Fortress Germany to Open Up

Brussels is demanding that even foreigners who have never worked in Germany should have access to the country’s unemployment benefits if they hail from an EU member state. The EU is firing Germany’s already overheated immigration debate.

5. Iraq – al qaeda warriors attack and destroy Iraqi army armoured vehicles

H/T M, Oz-Rita, Fjordman and many more for informing links. More to come.

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4 Replies to “News links for January 15 2014 – 1”

  1. ” al qaeda warriors attack”

    They never fail to unimpress me. If you dressed a troop of Chimpanzees in jeans, blankets and head rags, you would get the same jibjabbering, unaimed fire and total lack of anything military in appearance or execution. Warriors is much too generous.

  2. #3 the far left is using ordinary climate variations to drive big government, if they slow down on the attack more people will have time to realize that man has nothing to do with the variations.

    #4 Germany is richer then most other European nations, the other nations want to shift some of their welfare burden to Germany so when the crash comes Germany will fall as far as the others.

  3. #5 I did not see the jihadis destroy any vehicles. The set fire vehicles that had flat tires, stripped of armament long before the engagement. They had 50 or more fighters most of whom were just standing around. I only saw the dirt spray once where the jihadis were receiving any return fire.

    That said, they seemed ot have the upper hand and are dangerous. They seemed to have the run of the place.

    Thunderdome has to be somewhere near where the film was shot.

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