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3 Replies to “Excerpt of interview with German apostate speaks on islamic teachings in German mosques”

  1. Nigeria violence: Deadly bomb blast in Maiduguri (BBC, Jan 14, 2014)
    “A car bomb has exploded in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, killing at least 17 people. The Islamist group Boko Haram said it carried out the attack. A suspect has been arrested, the military says. The bomb went off near a market, sending up a large plume of smoke. People were seen fleeing the scene covered in blood. Boko Haram has been conducting a four-year campaign of violence to push for Islamic rule in northern Nigeria. The immediate aftermath of Tuesday’s blast was described as chaotic, with bodies on the ground and troops firing automatic weapons…”

  2. Dozens killed in Iraq bomb attacks (BBC, Jan 15, 2014)
    “At least 46 people have been killed in a series of bombings in central Iraq, police and medical officials say.

    Eighteen died in an attack on a funeral for a pro-government Sunni militiaman in a village south of Baquba, the capital of Diyala province.

    Seven car bombs meanwhile exploded across Baghdad, killing at least 28 people and wounding dozens more.

    There has been a surge in sectarian violence across Iraq in the past year, reaching levels not seen since 2007.

    The United Nations says 7,818 civilians and 1,050 members of the security forces died in 2013. December alone saw at least 759 killed.

    In Wednesday’s deadliest incident, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a funeral tent in the village of Buhriz where mourners were marking the death two days ago of a member of a local Sahwa, or Awakening Council, set up Sunni Arab tribesmen to fight al-Qaeda.

    The car bomb attacks that shook Baghdad at around the same time occurred within minutes of each other, mostly in predominantly Shia districts of the capital but also in confessionally-mixed areas.

    Five shoppers were killed and 12 others wounded when a car blew up at an outdoor market in the northern Shula district, police officials said. In nearby Shaab, a car bombing killed four civilians and wounded 14.

    Two car bomb blasts in separate locations in the central area of Karrada meanwhile killed six civilians and wounded 24. Another four were killed in the southern suburb of Husseiniya, while three died in Maamil, to the east….”

  3. Russian special forces killed in Dagestan shoot-out (BBC, Jan 15, 2014)
    “Three members of Russia’s special forces have been killed and five wounded in a house siege near Khasavyurt in Dagestan, which also left four suspected militants dead.

    Militants opened fire with machine-guns and grenades in a bid to escape under cover of darkness, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAK) said.

    One of those killed was suspected of organising a bomb attack last month.

    Russia has been fighting Islamist militants in Dagestan for years…”

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