News links for Jan 11 2014 – 2

1. Pakistan: Peculiar celebration dances for Mohamed’s birthday.

(Although in a way I do get it. These movements are after all, what Islam is all about.)

Amsterdam. (I think we should call it, ‘All Tards Day’)

2. A translation of a very curious thing. Anders Breivik comes clean about his motives and they are not Counter-Jihad ones.

More here where he claims membership in several fascist orgs, some of which may be mythical.

3. Greece loses track of left wing mass killer and terrorist after letting him out of jail for Christmas.

4. Ordinary Afghans prefer the Taliban to NATO. Survey.

5. Organization called, ‘Britain First’ stages protest outside of home of especially repugnant muslim supremacist.

6. Jamaican crack dealer wins human rights based case to avoid deportation from UK

7. South African president Zuma reveals he used to practice witchcraft against white people

(Is this the ultimate multicultural dilemma?)

8. Horrors of Al Qaeda prisons in Syria exposed

(Something tells me its more than just a few embarrassing photos of terrorists naked in piles)

9. This analysis of the current freezing of the Earth due to solar activity slowdown is one with both history and science behind it in terms of climactic predictions. Quite unlike the models we are all paying for both in taxes and regulations. Anyone know where I can buy some black market 100W bulbs?

10. European Union overturns Swiss order to deport Sudanese con man. (Because the nature of the con he used to try and get asylum status may put his life at risk if deported back to the Sudan)

11. UK Government fingerprints over a million children without parents consent and connects them to library loans etc.


Thank you M, Fjordman, and all who sent in material today. My apologies if I lost track of anyone. Some days normal life can be distracting.

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12 Replies to “News links for Jan 11 2014 – 2”

  1. Official: Libyan minister shot dead in Sirte (CNN, Jan 12, 2014)
    Gunmen driving in a car opened fire Saturday night on a Libyan government minister, killing him instantly, a Libyan defense official said. Deputy Industry Minister Hassan al-Darouei was slain while visiting his hometown of Sirte, a Libyan defense ministry official told CNN on condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to speak to the media. According to the official, unknown men fired on al-Darouei near a market in the Mediterranean city some 450 kilometers (280 miles) southeast of Tripoli. Al-Darouei’s body has since been moved to a morgue, the defense official said. Sirte was the hometown of longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi…”

  2. 1/ The only time that I ever dance like that is when I am extremely drunk and it is an embarrassing experience that makes me cringe for days afterwards. Alcohol turns me into a childish, lumbering buffoon.
    These tards don’t even drink… so they are probably just permanent childish, lumbering buffoons!
    Islam really, really, really, really is the second-most most inane, dangerous, frightening and embarrassingly stupid ideology on the Planet after Leftism!

  3. 5/ I don’t know anything about Britain First, but in his Conference 2013 in the britainfirstvideos Paul Golding describes a practical strategy to try protect more girls from being ‘groomed.’ Sounds like another good idea.

  4. 9: The slow sun activity doesn’t suddenly mean that CO2 doesn’t cause global warming. Instead the proper way to approach the subject is the same as scientists do: its a heat balance system. More CO2 leads to more heat retained, but low solar activity causes less heat input. Where the final temperature ends up depends on how much heat is lost vs. retained. The right likes to cherry pick the parts of science research that shows less heat input, while the left likes to cherry pick the research that shows that increasing C02 causes more heat to be retained (and thus increases in the earths average temperature). Science says neither, but says that both affect the temperature, and that just because one effect is being observed doesn’t negate the other. The latest solar activity seems to manifest itself (at least locally) as wild swings in temperature since the arctic is cooling due to low solar activity but there is still considerable amounts of heat that takes time to flow into the arctic. It was 65 deg F today, and around 0-5 deg F last week in NJ/NY metro area.

    If anything, this will help science further refine the models of earth and how the various gasses impact the global average temperatures. What will be interesting is when the solar minima is over, and a new solar maximum begins to take effect. Meanwhile the right will herald the cold days as a sign that global warming is wrong while the left will similarly insist we’re all going to die when hot days and new highs come along. Its a petty “us vs. them” mentality. In reality its much more complicated than that, and thats why science cautions against just continuing to dump CO2 into the atmosphere. What we’re seeing today is probably just a brief lull in the slow warming seen over the past two centuries.

    As I’ve always said, if you want to stop the lefts environmental activism, then just call it for what it is: politics mascaraing as environmentalism. Much more effective than the histrionics seen so far.

  5. 5: I had only ever heard of Britain First recently, but the more I see, the more I like. They’re a more militant form of the EDL, yet more unknown, which is interesting in of itself. I wonder what the spillover rate, if any, is between Britain First and the EDL. I’ve seen a few of their conference videos, and they seem to have practical goals in mind for taking back control of England, and the lot of them seem prepared to give it their all, whatever the consequences. I hope to see more of their work soon because Britain really needs them, more than ever.

  6. Car bombings kill 8 in Iraq (CNN, Jan 12, 2014)
    “At least eight people were killed and more than 30 wounded in three car explosions in Iraq on Sunday, police said. Three people were killed and 12 wounded when a car bomb exploded at a bus station in central Baghdad, police said. The parked car targeted Iraqi army recruits who were returning home after submitting applications to join the army, police said. The attack is the second in less than a week targeting recruits in the Iraqi capital city. On Thursday, a suicide bomber killed at least 13 people and injured 25 others at an army recruitment center in central Baghdad. Separately, at least four people were killed and 14 others wounded when a car bomb detonated in a predominantly Shiite area of the Iraqi capital, police said. The parked car detonated in Adan Square in the Kadhimiya district of northern Baghdad. The attack, around noon local time, happened at an hour when the area is usually crowded…”

  7. New Russia scare: 5 militants with bomb arrested weeks before Olympics (nbcnews, Jan 12, 2014)
    “Five members of a banned militant group were arrested in southern Russia on Saturday and a homemade bomb packed with shrapnel was defused, in another security scare weeks before the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Islamist militants have threatened to attack the games and suicide bombers killed at least 34 people last month in Volgograd, also in southern Russia. President Vladimir Putin, who has staked his political and personal prestige on the success of the Olympics, has ordered safety measures beefed up nationwide after the attacks. Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAC) said the latest arrests were in Nalchik, a town about 190 miles from Sochi in the Caucasus region, where insurgents want to carve out an Islamic state…”

  8. #5 I’m really surprised they weren’t arrested.

    #9 astrophysicist Piers Corbyn at Weatheraction has been saying for a number of years that we have already entered a mini-ice age for that very reason, and it should last until around 2040.

  9. #5 Britain First video – I would like to see a much more significant number of protesters in these attempts to approach individual hate mongers when they are vulnerable. It’s a game of numbers that these Muslims count on. Give it to them. Also, consider reminding these alahu-snackbar hate mongers that the BritainFirst army stands with the CoE – which has as yet not been removed/dissolved from national status, despite the repugnant current crop of dhimmi ‘arch bishops’ submissions – with a loud chorus of any national anthem invoking the CoE’s link to the heart of this nation.

  10. Hello there.

    If the effects of Global Warming simply make seasons more seasonal then the climatologists need to start actually doing something useful for a living. There are rocks to break ditches to dig and bags to haul.

    If a cold winter and a warm winter can both be evidence of ecological catastrophe we have con men running the show.

  11. 1/ Eeyore- This really should carry a caution, “Viewer discretion: Graphic, kinky. May be offensive to heterosexuals.”
    I got as far as a minute into first Paki-dance. Guy in purple shirt desperate for a goat or slab of raw liver or something. As Rita would say, “Vomit Bucket!”

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