Breaking: US establishes restricted zone around US embassy in Berlin

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Security Message for U.S. Citizens:  
Establishment of a Restricted Zone in Hamburg

U.S. Embassy Berlin informs U.S. citizens that as a result of violent protests in December, the Hamburg police have established a 24/7 restricted zone covering a large area of the city of Hamburg, including the city’s nightlife area.

The restricted zone (“Gefahrengebiet”) gives police officers extra authority to stop, search, and ban people from the area.  It includes the red light district of the Reeperbahn, the Old Town, St. Pauli, and Altona Nord, including the Sternschanzen area (Rote Flora district).

Police require that all persons in public areas carry their passport or “Ausweis.”  If stopped without proper identification, persons may be detained by police without further justification.

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6 Replies to “Breaking: US establishes restricted zone around US embassy in Berlin”

  1. I agree with yucki. And I bet the specific threat is not only a single one. Incidentally, Administration e.g. City is nearly totally governed by the Left. Danger (e.g. even attacks on police etc) come from violent leftist thugs (remember Baader Meinhof?) and, of course, Germany in general and Hamburg specifically are a honey pot for tards.

    On the other hand, although I am not now living in Germany and the law might have changed which was that you always had to carry a piece of identity on yourself (Personal Ausweis). I dont have a problem with that.

    Call me a Nazi, but I’d rather have more informed police presence than be blown up.

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