News links for Jan 9 2014 – 2

1. Sex attacker preys on Ottawa women: Cops:


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Sex assault suspects
Two renderings of a man police are seeking after a string of Ottawa sex attacks on women.

Ottawa police say they are chasing a serial sex offender after a series of attacks during the past 17 months.

Three attacks have now been linked to the same offender, and cops say at least seven others are similar. Now, they are appealing to the public for help to catch the predator.[…]

The description of the male:

  • possibly of Middle Eastern descent,
  • short dark hair,
  • spoke English and possibly a foreign language,
  • 20-30 years old,
  • 5’9” to 5’11” (175 to 180cm),
  • slim to medium build,
  • trimmed facial hair,
  • thick eyebrows and a prominent nose.

2. Here’s How People In Muslim Countries Think Women Should Dress

3. Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber

4. Muslims condone Mufa’khathat – the legalized incest of infants

5. Convenient! Saudi Men Agree: Women Cause Sexual Assault, By Being Women

As those of us paying attention know, rape is permissible concerning Islamic captives/slaves because they are property, according to Muhammed. So the results of the following poll should be no surprise…

It appears that Saudi men believe women are to blame for the rising cases involving molestation of females on the grounds that they are seduced by women’s excessive make up.

6. CAIR wants YOUR help to end Islamophobia in your country. Survey here.

(I would be temped to quote Mark Steyn: “We all know Islam is the religion of peace. Now its time for Muslims to do their part and stop killing everyone all over the place”. That would surely end islamophoba)

Thank you Grace, Fjordman, Oz-Rita ML, and all who sent in material. The day is young and there are many atrocities to come.

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  1. SYRIA JAN 09 2014 – At least 45 Syrian rebels killed in Homs fighting: NGO

    Loyalist forces have killed at least 45 Syrian rebels as they sought to break a regime siege on part of Homs, in central Syria, an NGO said on Thursday.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the rebels, from different brigades, were killed late Wednesday and early Thursday as they attempted to end an army siege that has lasted more than a year.

    video ( graphic )

  2. #3 This is what persuaded me that converting to Islam would not stop the violence.

    Not this incident but one 15 or so years or more ago where a hilariously funny Sunni Muslims ( at least he though he was) rolled a grenade into a Shia Mosque in Pakistan and killed 15 Shia.

    Let’s take the thought experiment a little further. What if we were all Sunni? Sooner or later Sunni would be killing Sunni over something. The Koran even has rules for Muslim on Muslim wars. There will be some slight doctrinal difference or there will be competition for resources and an excuse will be made for a war.

  3. Bomb kills Pakistan police chief Chaudhry Aslam (BBC, Jan 9, 2014)
    “A senior police officer known in Pakistan for campaigning against the Taliban has been killed in a bomb blast in Karachi. Chaudhry Aslam, the head of the city’s anti-terror operations, and at least two others died in an attack on a police convoy in the Essa Nagri area of the city, reports say. Mr Aslam had survived a number of previous attempts on his life. The Pakistani Taliban said they carried out Thursday’s attack. A spokesman said Mr Aslam had been targeted as he had “killed, tortured and wounded” Taliban members. A car carrying explosives smashed into Mr Aslam’s convoy. Images from the scene show a number of vehicles completely destroyed and nearby buildings damaged…”?

  4. Egyptian courts convict 113 over pro-Mursi protests (Reuters, Jan 9, 2014)
    “Egyptian courts convicted 113 Muslim Brotherhood supporters on Thursday on charges including attacking police, rioting and weapons possession in three separate cases brought after protests against the army-backed government. The authorities have been cracking down hard on the Brotherhood since the military deposed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in July following mass protests against his rule. The government accuses the Brotherhood of turning to violence and declared it a terrorist group on December 25. The group says it is committed to peaceful protest. Thursday’s rulings included three-year prison terms for 63 people in a single case, one of the biggest mass sentencings to date. The judge fined each of them 50,000 Egyptian pounds ($7,200). He set a bail of 5,000 pounds which allows them to avoid prison while they appeal the verdict. The case related to protests in Cairo in late November. In a separate case, another 24 Brotherhood supporters were also sentenced to three years in prison, with labor, over clashes around the same time in a different part of Cairo. The charges against them included rioting, illegal gathering, attacking the police and belonging to an armed terrorist gang…”?

  5. Somalia’s al-Shabab militants issue internet ban (BBC, Jan 9, 2014)
    “Islamist militants in Somalia have issued a directive banning companies from providing internet services. The al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has given firms 15 days to shut down mobile internet and fibre optic services, which are due to launch soon. Those who do not comply would be seen as “working with the enemy” and dealt with according to Islamic law, it said. Correspondents say the group often executes those it accuses of spying for Somalia’s government or Western powers….”?

  6. South Korea suspends tear gas exports to Bahrain (CNN, Jan 9, 2014)
    “South Korea is suspending exports of tear gas canisters to the Gulf island nation of Bahrain amid pressure from human rights groups, an official said Thursday. “We’ve decided to suspend (the shipment of tear gas) because of the unstable political situation in Bahrain, requests from human rights groups and civilian deaths,” an official with South Korea’s state-run Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), which oversees the country’s military trade, said. “We got requests Dae Kwang Chemical Corporation and another company on whether they can get permission to export the tear gas to Bahrain,” the DAPA official said. “After discussions with the Defense and Foreign Ministries on the issue, we informed the companies to suspend the exports.” The move by Seoul comes after months of campaigning by rights groups who say the Bahraini authorities’ misuse of tear gas has led to dozens of deaths as the Shiite majority protests against the Sunni-led government. The authorities have argued that tear gas is necessary to maintain order…”?

  7. Wouldnt be a happy day without those bloody Baghdad nights, would it.

    Suicide bomb kills 9 in Baghdad (CNN, Jan 9, 2014)
    “A suicide bomber on foot killed at least nine people and injured 16 others at an army recruitment center in central Baghdad Thursday, local police officials said. Police previously reported that the bombing was carried out using an explosives-laden car. Most of the victims were young men. They were standing in line just before noon to enter the recruitment offices.”?

  8. Russia: Six deaths, car blast prompt security sweep ahead of Games in Sochi (CNN, Jan 9, 2014)
    “Russian authorities are investigating six suspicious deaths and at least one car explosion this week about 300 miles from the site of next month’s Winter Olympics, they said Thursday. The deaths in southern Russia’s Stavropol territory, which borders the province where the Olympics will be held in Sochi, have prompted security forces to conduct an anti-terrorism sweep there, state-run RIA Novosti news agency said. It’s one of the latest moves to address security concerns before the games. The bodies of three men and explosive material were found Thursday in a vehicle in Maryinskaya in Stavropol province, Russia’s Investigative Committee said on its website. A day earlier, a vehicle containing a body exploded in Tambukan, in the same province, as police approached it, and two other bodies were found in other vehicles in Zolskaya Wednesday, the Investigative Committee said. The latest alert comes amid heightened concern about security following twin bombings on public transit in the southern city of Volgograd at the end of last month. No group has claimed responsibility for those attacks, but suspicion has fallen on Chechen separatist groups. Three people also died last month in a car bombing in the city of Pyatigorsk, in Stavropol territory. A special exclusion zone went into force in Sochi on Tuesday, under which access to the Black Sea resort town is heavily restricted…”

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