News links for Jan 8 2014 – 4

1. Al Qaeda and other islamic supremacist groups execute prisoners in Aleppo Syria:

(Graphic video)

Syrian jihadis declare FSA fighters to be apostates and threaten crucifixion and amputation. This Muslim Issue

3. Unforeseen U.S. Oil Boom Upends Markets as Drilling Spreads 

The U.S. oil boom has put European refineries out of business and undercut West African crude suppliers. Now domestic drillers threaten to roil Asian markets and challenge producers in the Middle East and South America.

(This might explain some of Obama’s foreign policy. That or the US got lucky despite him)

4. Racist thug who made white supremacist salute while leaving court after admitting to wearing Ku Klux Klan outfit in YouTube videos is jailed

(This defines the term, ‘Fashion victim’. It seems phase two of creating a totalitarian state in the UK is complete when they jail a man for a year for wearing politically incorrect clothing on a Youtube video)

5. Murderers Fazli Rahim and Saima Gul have jail terms cut

Fazli Rahim had his minimum jail term reduced from 23 years to 19 years

Fazli Rahim, 42, and 31-year-old Saima Gul were jailed for life and told to serve at least 23 years for murdering Mohammed Noor in Glasgow in May 2012.

6. BBC: The ‘Truth’ about immigration (I have not seen this but its BBC so we can guess)

Thank you M, Oz-Rita, Fjordman, Jake B, and all who sent in links and news

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9 Replies to “News links for Jan 8 2014 – 4”

  1. “#6. BBC: The ‘Truth’ about immigration (I have not seen this but its BBC so we can guess)”

    I have twisted my knee, so at the moment I have to sit around periodically with an ice pack. This time I used to watch this BBC…let me be polite: “thing”.

    Not only was the ELEPHANT in the room never mentioned, but the other ELEPHANT was reporting on we little mice. I heard the “M” word only once in passing (if that) it was when a Muslim complained about the Romas (Gipsies) to leave rubbish in the street. Islam was never ever mentioned at all. This guy spoke of the “fear” of “ooooooooordinary Brits” to lose their jobs to the migrants – yet in true Al-BBC form never mentioned that the really problematic (if not dangerous) immigrants, who screw Britain up, would never take any job away – they dont wanna work,

    Usually the ice-pack dulls the pain for a while – this little session of watching the vomituous, condescending manipulative propaganda crap from the BBC has me limping towards a painkiller – physical pain followed the psychological nausea – ice-pack or no ice-pack.

    I with the BBC people and assorted destroyers of Britain a really bad tear in their weight-bearing ligaments! Every single one of them ! Working for THAT BBC should be an indictable offence!

  2. #6. It appears – albeit, unsurprising given the source is the BBC, that the immigration issue is not being addressed more specifically. For instance, the issue of Roma crime was masked and conflated under the guise of Slovak immigrants. As Rita above also pointed out, Islam never makes a good neighbor, and was never mentioned. Instead the narrator and his camera crew focused in on images of pretty, innocent, little blond girls from Poland with quaint braids in overcrowded multilingual elementary school classrooms needing translators as the population threatening the bigoted natives complaining about excessive numbers of immigrants.

  3. #4

    I cannot see arresting Christopher Philips. Would I trust him around my kids? A little more so than the Black Panthers outside the Philadelphia voting place.

    I realize this takes place in England and not the U.S. But in both countries many more nonwhite than whites seem to be targeted with racism laws.,

  4. #3 The oil boom is in spite of Obama, all of the drilling is no private land that he can’t stop, oil leases on public land has dropped drastically under his regime.

  5. I suspected the Poles were Britanistans biggest problem all along. I had sympathy for the Pakistani gentleman who found the Gypsies twice as filthy as the Muslims. And apparently the whole immigration thing was an accounting error. Still, it did please big hearted Labor members to see white racist conservatives take a facial from little brown pedophiles. So some in Britanistan were happy. The future looks bright.

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