News links for Jan 9 2014 – 1

1. Emile Tyan (d. 1977), Islamic Law Scholar Par Excellence, on Islam’s Eternal Jihad to Impose a Caliphate

. . . [O]ne of the basic principles of Islam is that it must be extended to the whole world by conversion or at the least by submission to Islamic authority. The caliph has an obligation to promote and fulfill this univer­salism, if necessary by the force of arms. This is the meaning of holy war or jihad. From which it follows that Islamic sovereignty is at least potentially universal.

2. York University professor who refused student’s request to be separated from female classmates broke ‘obligation to accommodate’: officials

After refusing to honour a male student’s request to be separated from his female classmates for religious reasons, a York University professor has found himself at odds with administrators who assert he broke their “obligation to accommodate.”

“It represents a great leap backwards,” said sociology professor J. Paul Grayson. “When I was a student, you couldn’t have gotten away with that — it wouldn’t even have been considered.”

(We must support this brave man who took a hit to defend what is right and just and lawful. Please read and comment over at the National Post)

3. Sweden: More than 65,000 parents and teachers in southern Germany have signed an online petition against plans to teach children about homosexuality in school.

4. The UK rewriting history to do an ‘honour transplant’ away from British/Australian actions to 3rd world ones.

Britain has been accused of airbrushing the role of Anzac troops out of this year’s First World War commemorations in favour of soldiers from developing nations.

Reports in Australia claim no 100-year anniversary events have been planned by Britain that specifically recognise the sacrifice made by Australia and New Zealand.

Instead, it has been suggested Whitehall officials in London have been briefed to push the efforts by the so-called ‘New Commonwealth’ nations.

5. An interesting article about some of Stalin’s atrocities covered up by the US admin at the time of WW2.

Thank you Grace, M, Fjordman and all. More to come.

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8 Replies to “News links for Jan 9 2014 – 1”

  1. #2 What obligation to accommodate? Visitors and immigrants have an obligation to fit into our society, not force us to accommodate theirs.

    #4 The current crop of politicians are too dumb to realize the hatred and violence they are fomenting, and all of it against themselves and the people they want to protect.

    #5 The US covered up the slaughter and tried to force everyone who knew about it to keep quiet. This was under the “liberal” administration of Truman who was suppose to be so anti-communist.

  2. 1/ Venerable Wikipedia calls the Encyclopaedia of Islam ‘the standard reference work in the field of Islamic studies.’ Tyan’s frank discussion of jihad (djihad) appears to be from the 1965 2nd Edition. There is little excuse now for any Westerner with access to the internet not knowing the basics of the doctrine, but here they are spelled out in the authoritative academic reference source in English 1965, a year after Qutb published Milestones and the year before he was hanged.

  3. softly bob,

    When i read #4, i thought “I’m just going to put ‘disgusting'”, but you beat me to it. There is no other word to describe it.

  4. #4 Why disrespect the ANZACs? Just add the others to the mix.

    Other troops would have made as valuable contributions as their leadership and equipment made possible. A German General had great African troops and tied up many British troops for 3 or 4 years.

    I thought Italian troops were bad troops in WW2. But then I was awakened to the fact that Italian troops performed well with the right leadership.Mussolini was not able to provide it. The Germans were able to do so.

  5. Qutb was an idiot.

    If God made man, then man’s purpose is to live, thrive, and be happy. It is not to go picking fights and martyring one’s self. If one must fight then, it is incumbent upon them from God to do so in economical manner as possible and not martyr one’s self if it is possible.

  6. And G-d blessed them, and G-d said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Gen.1:28

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