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5 Replies to “Chechen muslim threatens mass slaughter of the innocent because Olympic games offend him”

  1. Three potential take out orders of Chechen Chicken Jihad BBQ ready to go with some Russian equivalent of Hell Fire Sauce.

  2. Lucky for us that I’m crazy and that the guy in the video is just a figment of my hate-twisted, extreme right wing racist imagination. Wouldn’t it be awful if he really existed?

  3. @Richard: LOL

    when the Boston bombers – who came from the same side of this dirty blanket that is islam – had killed their victims at the Boston marathon, including a little boy of 8, one of our “respectable” TV front woman from the tax-payer funded ABC TV (anti podean cousin of BBC et al) said – in peak news hour time: “The (the victims) were merely rich white folk, that’s why there is such a fuss made about it”. Her name is Virginia Trioli, she is a white snout at the through of our taxes.

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