News links for Jan 5 2014 – 2

1. Burma: “A lot of people coming out from the mosque…They are going to kill us”

2. SYRIA – Al qaeda Headquarters Aleppo – Batbo area.

3. Nick Robinson: BBC made a ‘terrible mistake’ over immigration debate

 Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, has criticised the corporation for making a “terrible mistake” over its coverage of immigration, admitting it censored concerns amid fear they could trigger racism.

Robinson said BBC figures in charge during the late 1990s and early 2000s believed a “warts-and-all” debate over immigration would “unleash some terrible side of the British public”.

4. Iraqi army shells Falluja

The Iraqi army shelled the western city of Falluja with mortar bombs overnight to try to wrest back control from Sunni Muslim militants and tribesmen, killing at least eight people, tribal leaders and officials said on Saturday.

5. 14 killed in mosque stampede in Ningxia

Fourteen people were killed and 10 injured in a stampede during a gathering at a mosque in northwest China’s Ningxia region, state media reported on Monday.








Thank you C.B. Sashenka, M, Fjordman and all.

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  1. 1/ It’s a well-intended, sort of sentimental gesture she begins with, ‘We don’t have a problem with another people like Hindu, Burmese, Shan, Kachin, Kayah,’ but it’s not true, they’ve had endless conflicts with each other, and it’s something that dhimmi sympathizers with the Bangladeshi jihadis seize on. She should rather say ‘We are have enough problems among ourselves in Burma without homicidal supremacist Muslims from Bangladesh thrown into the mix.’ That’s obvious from the rest of her statement, though I imagine the hearts that bleed for Rohingyas will still be quick to dismiss it.

  2. 3/ A BBsea-change? So what’s the new plan – send them all back? It will be interesting to see on Tuesday what The Truth is now.

  3. #1.

    @ don c said: “…I imagine the hearts that bleed for Rohingyas…”

    And if they really had hearts instead of snouts-at-the-through, I would point the finger to the LEFT and assorted enablers of islamic terrorism. They are already in full flight: for example at the tax-payer funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation who wants to be like the BBC when they grow up, are already calling those “poor muslims” victimsvictimsvictims. And just wait how fast the love affair that the dhimmi world media has with Aung San Suu Kyi will sour, should this attractive opposition leader not join in ” the Rohingyas are victims – chorus”. Well even Wikipedia informs us that :

    “…The Rohingya people have been described as “among the world’s least wanted”[74] and “one of the world’s most persecuted minorities….”

  4. Czech Officials: Explosion From Illegal Palestinian Weapons Cache Possible Tip of the Iceberg of Europe Weapon Smuggling Ring

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Czech anti-terrorism official pointed out the possibility that the Palestinian embassy in Prague could have served as a transit point to freely ship firearms to any of the 26 countries within the Schengen Area, allowing passport-free movement within the EU.

    General Jiri Sedivy, former Czech Army chief-of-staff and NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning, now head of the security studies section at Prague’s CEVRO Institut, said, “Maybe the affair in question involves a well organised weapons and explosives distribution network, including the weapons’s further recipients.”

    “From the beginning it has not been a mere minor local scandal that would be soon over… but an incident of international dimensions,” he said, adding Palestinian Authority representatives have “played theater” with the investigation into the case so far.

    Karel Randák, former head of the Czech foreign intelligence service said,”If this scandal of a collection of weapons and explosives cannot be plausibly explained by the Palestinians, the Czech authorities should terminate that mission without pardon. Diplomats who violate every conceivable principle have no business being in the Czech Republic.”

  5. hijacking this thread for a second:

    @ yuki – thank you for your generous response to my answer re favorite poetic quotes – can’t find the thread right now since I’m only “popping in online” intermittently atm. Back a bit more permanently in a few weeks. 🙂

    @ Eeyore – ditto re little birds bullying their mothers – and will take the recommended book down from my shelves, where it has been patiently waiting (with so many others) for years. 🙂

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