Links, news and updates for Jan 5 2014

1. Please read this update to the Minneapolis islamic community building explosion. This is an important issue and we must not let it get buried due to the inconvenient facts to the narrative. Seneca III also offers this analysis here.

2. Facebook seems to have a more aggressive policy these days to anything offending Islam. The People’s Cube has received a 12 hour suspension for this photo:


Proving once again the  premise of the old joke: “How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb? A: THAT’S NOT FUNNY!!!”

The Jewish division of the English Defense League has also been receiving so many 12 hour suspensions from Facebook in the last little while it becomes negligibly worth the effort. The most recent ban was for this photo:


An historically significant point. But worthy of a nuisance ban on Facebook. To be clear, I have always detested Facebook for the grossly dishonest way it collects, stores and collates information on you, and that belongs to you, in ways that would give wood to the most ambitious NSA operative. And also for the way they make it pretty much impossible to delete an account. Even after you do, they tell you its only suspended and if you manage somehow to actually delete it, the first time someone looks for you it might suddenly reanimate with all your data intact.

But Facebook has become too big for the private enterprise argument. With that kind of power has to come at least some responsibility and some fairness instead of just caving in to the most violent and irrational group.

3. Israeli company invents ‘smart paper’ that speeds up bone fracture healing and bone reconstruction buy 40%

(Meanwhile Muslim groups invent more and more ways to break bones faster and faster)

4. Jan 4 2014: Protests for an against another giant mosque in the UK:

5. VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis announced on Sunday that he will visit Holy Land sites in Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories in May, his first trip to the area as pontiff.

Thank you M, ML, and all who sent in links. More to come later.


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7 Replies to “Links, news and updates for Jan 5 2014”

  1. 2: This is why I purposely do not post any counter-jihad items on my Facebook and have transformed my profile into something rather bland and generic. It’s just not worth the risk and hassle to spread the truth about Islam, especially since most people will reject the message anyway.

    Facebook is a good tool for observing. I use it to collect date on the Muslim “friends” I have on there, and see what they’re talking about, planning, etc. and to keep tabs on groups that are reliant on Facebook that on our side, like the Identity groups in Europe. Social media in general is important in fighting against Islam, but for right now, Facebook is working against us, not for us.

    4: The last thing the UK needs is another mosque. Anytime I come across a story about a proposed mosque in the UK my gut just churns. Maybe they’ll be successful in preventing it, but I sincerely doubt it. When is the madness ever going to end in Great Britain?

  2. In other news,in a BBC report on women PKK fighters managed to include ( without mentioning the I word) a comment about women being regarded as slaves and sexual objects. Ah now we need to provide the lines between the dots for the clueless.
    The religion must be particularly unpleasant if the women (40% of the PKK) find it more appropriate to carry a rifle, with the likelihood of getting killed, rather staying at home.

  3. The jihad is the great concern, and attention has to remain focused on that, but even if England were sprouting Hindu temples the way it is mosques there would still be an issue. Fine if your grandmother wished her whole life she could live in India and now without going anywhere she gets to. Mine didn’t, the same way most Indian grandmothers would prefer not to spend their old age in towns crowded with foreigners they have no connection to. Mass immigration is terrible period.

  4. Re. The Millfield Mosque: Millfield is a suburb of Rochdale; Rochdale is one of the epicentres of the pandemic of grooming/rape/sexual degradation/and the forced prostitution of white female children by Muslims in the UK. That is all you need to know.

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