News links for Dec. 30 2013 – 2

1. Muslim criminals get extra rights. Able to hide identity as it might shame them in front of the community. (Therefore, shaming non-muslim criminals is now part of the sentence before a verdict is even passed down.)

A judge allowed two Muslim solicitors accused of trying to cheat the legal system to hide behind a cloak of secrecy for  ‘cultural reasons’, the Daily Mail can disclose.

He banned reporting of the case of Asha Khan, 30, and her brother Kashif, 34, to prevent them allegedly being shamed in the eyes of their community.

In the latest farce involving secret justice, the pair were told they could enjoy the court’s protection because members of their family would pass judgment if the case was reported.

And of course, that never happens to non-muslim families.

2. This is a request to read the comments at the story about Monty Python member, Michael Palin. There are some excellent and important observations there.

3. Muslim soccer player celebrates goal with new version of Roman salute invented by ludicrous French-Muslim antisemitic TV personality. Story here

4. New prime suspect in Russian train station bombing may have been Russian convert to Islam. Still, much of the media attempts to bury the islamic aspect of the motive for these lethal attacks on soft targets.

5. NSA ‘spying on Europe-Asia undersea telecom cables’

Berlin (AFP) – The US National Security Agency has collected sensitive data on key telecommunications cables between Europe, north Africa and Asia, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported Sunday citing classified documents.

Spiegel quoted NSA papers dating from February and labelled “top secret” and “not for foreigners” describing the agency’s success in spying on the so-called Sea-Me-We 4 undersea cable system.

Frankly, as this is not a violation of American’s 4th amendment rights and is doing exactly what spy agencies are supposed to do and even should do in the face of existential threats to their nations, I have no objections to them spying on foreign communications. The problem lies with the flagrant and voluminous spying on Americans within the US, which is a clear violation of US law, while simultaneously the government removes more and more freedoms and rights from the public, both to say what they want and also to defend themselves from threats that makes me want to expose every little thing the NSA does.

In terms of Islamic terror, if Americans were allowed to do what they should do, which is likely deal on every structure in the US where sedition, hatred of America and subversion of their democracy is taught in that classic ‘Mary Shelly’s villagers Vs. Dr. Frankenstein’ way, the problem of islamic terror would be solved in time for pork and beans and eggs tomorrow.

6. Interesting article about the Israeli chess players, not using their flag or nation of origin but instead playing as FIDE (International Chess Federation)

7. Lee Rigby killer tells who was his inspiration to become such a good muslim

Thank you EDL Buck, M, Fjordman, UK Pete and all who sent material in.

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7 Replies to “News links for Dec. 30 2013 – 2”

  1. #5 I know a lot of Vets that really want the laws to change so they can go after the people attacking the US, it wouldn’t be safe overnight but I doubt if it would take two weeks.

  2. 1/ The irony is that in most cases they wouldn’t be shamed by their families. They’d probably be secretly praised by them.
    The only time Muslims are ashamed of family members is when they do something ‘Western’.
    Muslim families appear to be proud of those who kill, lie and cheat.

  3. #4

    This is the thing that truly frightens me more than anything else. What if we wake up one day and find that alarming numbers of our own people are succumbing to the Stockholm Effect and converted to Islam? Do you think the evil Imams haven’t thought of that? What if, instead of nose-rings, tattoos, climate change and veganism, the next big annoying kid fad is Islam? What if even a few of the cool young Hollywood stars start converting – just like Mohammed Ali? I suspect that Islamic victory over us will not come as a huge noisy battle, but as a simple fact that suddenly emerges from the jungle of lies. I believe the Ummah hopes to quietly outflank us and then just say, “Oh, by the way. You lost…”. I would prefer an ebola pandemic…

  4. 4/ Chris, That’s absolutely it, and why I believe that anything short of deportation/repatriation of all Muslims will be disastrous over time. Islam is never going to change, but for any number of reasons it is always going to find converts and collaborators, and not only among miseducated youth.

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