Sister Hatune speaks in an Austrian cathedral. Many Bishops in attendance.

Published on Dec 28, 2013

Hatune Dogan, a Syrian-Orthodox nun of Turkish origin, explains here the dire situation that Christians find themselves in, as Islamist warriors take every concievable liberty against those they consider ‘infidel’, ‘impure’ and of inherently lesser value than Muslims.

Not only is this situation threatening to wipe out Christianit from where it arose, it also constitutes very grave suffering for the victims of Jihadists, Wahhabis and other ‘holy’ warriors out to establish Islam as the undisputed ruling principle in Syria and elsewhere.

The speech was held in a classical liturgic context, and was followed by an ecumenical prayer with representatives from a variety of churches:

Episcopus emeritus Mag. Herwig Sturm, Evangelical Church,
Dr. Mihailo Popovic, Russian Orthodox Church,
Episcopus Auxiliaris Dr. Franz Scharl, Roman Catholic Church,
Archbishop Matta Roham, Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch,
Corepiskopos Dr. Emanuel Aydin, Syrian Orthodox Church,
Deputy Bishop Karl Rühringer, Vienna,
Pastor Dr. Hanna Ghoneim, Greek Catholic Church, Damascus

Stephansdom, Vienna, Austria, December 10th 2013, International Human Rights Day.

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