News links for Dec. 17 2013 – 1

1. Man in Pakistan beaten up and jailed for being wrong flavor of muslim.

Persecuted: The Ahmadi are considered non-Muslims under Pakistani law and they can be jailed for three years if they are seen ”posing as a Muslim’ or even upsetting another Muslim (stock image)

2. A school does classic manipulation of students to get them to sympathize with muslims with no actual education of what Islam is. (Think of this like making kids in grade 10 walk around in Nazi uniforms and face derision for it so they would be sympathetic with Nazis while not bothering to explain to them why people are contemptuous of them in those uniforms)

3. Far left wing extremists, the Daily Kos, has a realization about Loonwatch and aspects of Islam. (I have no idea if these guys are extremist or not but I am willing to bet they call classical liberals and people who defend gay, Christian, Jewish people from Muslim aggression, “Far right extremists”)

4. Bulgaria about to be overwhelmed by Syrian refugees.


(I am trying to reach one of our Russian translators today to help us with the video. It looks interesting. Golem Bar?)

6. Yemen girl, 3, hospitalised after rape by father

(This story may or may not be relevant. It must be remembered that all societies have criminals and sadists etc. The issue for this site is whether or not these acts are sanctioned, encouraged even, or punished etc. by the governing legal system or the culture. If he is punished harshly by the state and this is the general consensus of the people, then there is no issue for this blog about it. It is a crime like in any other nation)

Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman,

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  1. 3. Went there to see if I can add something. Signed up but posting is turned off. It would seem the brown shirts shut him off and labeled him a loon. The last post actually labeled him a loon. No post defended his post.

    This post was interesting it sounded like a Muslim explaining his Islamic Utopia:

    “Islam offers hope and a good way to live for millions of people who otherwise have nothing. That is why they identify so strongly with it, why it is culturally so deeply embedded and that is why political violence is generally expressed through its framework — because EVERYTHING, from greeting your neighbor to going to work is also expressed through its framework.”

  2. The Kossacks are not all bad. I’m going to be racist though. Just the white ones, the rest are anti western and anti civilization.

  3. #3 is from last year, but anyway, read the comments – they’re classic, leftist “nothing to see here, move along”

    Perhaps they might understand as a jihadist draws a dull blade across their neck? Probably not…

  4. The poster’s history indicates he’s a contrarian though. He’s a sincere white liberal. Rather than a disingenuous white liberal. He seems to have been onto Obama for a while. I would not be surprised to find he is a regular on Geller or Spencer.

  5. Turkey should take the Syrian refugees in. It makes more sense than this — Muslim refugees demanding care from a Christian country.

  6. TURKEY – Corruption scandal

    Turkish ministers’ sons arrested in corruption and bribery investigation
    Surprise raids on allies of Recep Tayyip Erdo?an send shockwaves through government months before elections

    Turkish police have arrested the sons of three cabinet ministers and at least 34 others in orchestrated raids that appeared to represent the biggest assault on the authority of the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, since mass protests against his rule last summer.

    The detentions went to the heart of the Erdo?an administration and included leading businessmen known to be close to the government and officials said to be engaged in suspected corruption, bribery and tender-rigging.

    While no official statements have yet been made, Turkish analysts saw the surprise wave of arrests as a strong sign of the worsening conflict between the Erdo?an government and his former allies, a movement of moderate Islamists lead by exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen.

    According to Turkish media reports, the sons of the interior minister, the economics minister and the environment and city planning minister were among those detained. Other detainees included the head of the state-controlled Halkbank, the mayor of an Istanbul district considered to be a stronghold of the ruling AK party as well as the three construction sector tycoons, Ali Agaoglu, Osman Agca and Emrullah Turanli. Agaoglu has recently made headlines with controversial mega-projects and works for the notoriously opaque state housing agency (Toki).

    more on the page :

  7. 2/ It sounds like their Advanced Placement Language and Composition teacher didn’t even try to provide any meaningful cultural context for their day-in-a-hijab. She doesn’t have any to give, from the sound of it, and wouldn’t know how to begin if she did. So like so much in the humanities in North America, it all gets reduced to the Self. “On the surface,” it might as appear as though there are “unfamiliar cultures” of which ignorance is increasingly dangerous, but really it’s all just “a vehicle to talk about” Me.

  8. don c

    Good comment. For the libs its all about “Me” and “feelings”. But this is just a veneer. Behind it lurks the evil of Marxism – the doctrine that has no equal in m,ass murder. It pales the Nazis in comparison.

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