News links for Dec 16 2013 – 2

1. Koran ‘was ripped up at Birmingham City match’ 

West Midlands Police are treating the incident as a “hate crime” and are liaising with Cleveland Police.

(Well we all know how this is gonna go when the find the guy. Oddly though, these 30 + Korans that were found in  Saudi Sewer probably won’t cause many problems for anyone. Frankly I’m surprised that the Saudis have an instrument fine enough to tell the difference between the korans the rest of the sewage)

2. Netherlands TV 1 picks Geert Wilders as politician of the year. 

 Mr Wilders and his party are also indomitable defenders of Western freedoms, such as freedom of speech.

(Wow! It appears that at least one MSM TV has figured out who the good guys are. Must be lonely working at that TV station)

3. Beneath the burqa — a bruised and badly beaten teenager

(Phyllis Chesler argues for a full stop ban on the burka. Quite persuasively I might add)

4. Climate hotter in Roman and Medieval times.

5. UK politicians lobby for “the right to have sex with children” (once again proving that if you disguise what you want in the language of human rights you may actually get to do it. I hope people remember the right to shoot people in the face that you catch having sex with your child)

6. The NSA monitoring of all phone calls from, to and within the USA ‘seems’ to violate the 4th amendment says US federal judge. (And the sun seems to be very bright on a clear day around noon)

7. Violent mob of pro Muslim Brotherhood protestors in Egypt kill cabbie by slitting his throat for running over a pro-Morsi demonstrator. Video below.


Thank you ML, Snaphanen.DK, M, Richard and all. More to come. In a few hours I hope to have something really important.

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  1. 1/ Buying Korans in Saudi Arabia is an underappreciated distraction for unbelievers in a country notoriously short on distractions for unbelievers. Locally-printed King Fahd Complex Korans are handsomely-bound and dirt cheap. Annotated translations make no bones about the meaning of jihad, and so are ideal gifts for any friends you have left since you started going on about the meaning of jihad. A kafir with time on his hands (and all kafirs in Saudi Arabia have time on their hands) can go round English-language bookstores until he finds one in which a genuine Saudi, and not some lesser creature, is working the floor, and drive him insane by handling every Koran in the place before picking one. I’m not sure there is any satisfactory way to get a shelf of Korans clean afterward. Worse than having it dropped down a sewer.

  2. Keep in mind, that the Left/socialists/communists, all have, one time or other, campaigned for sex with young children – reducing the “age of consent” they call it. As usual, they hide their vile motives in the language of human rights.

    Islam also legalizes sex with children, as Mohammed himself had sex with children as young as nine.

    The Left and Islam are natural bedfellows in more then one way.

  3. #3 “Beneath the burkha” by Phyllis Chessler mentions the term “omerta” – brings to mind the following dated (2009) comment:

    omerta. . .aka Islamic mafia.

    The Mafia must have taken notes from the Koranists when they started out. Both have similar methods.

    I recall reading a bit about this in the past. Jihadwatch and Faith Freedom ran a post about this topic based on a msm news article posted at abcnews. Points taken from the discussion at the time:

    * The Mafia, which did originate in Sicily under muslim rule during 9th-11th centuries. Even today, Northern Italians can sometimes jokingly refer to Sicilians as the “Arabs of Europe”.

    * Mafia (or Maffia). from the original Sicilian for “swaggering braggadocio”, most likely came from the Arabic word “Mahias” or is a corruption of the Arabic word mu afah, in which mu means something like ‘inviolability, strength, vigour,’ and afah something like “to secure, to protect.’

    * “Protection” rackets are run along the same lines as jizyah.

    * there’s the code of “honor” and vendetta — too Arab/Islamic for words.

    * The code of Omerta is very much like the prohibition against speaking ill of Islam or speaking out against Islamic atrocities by other Muslims.

    * the only way out of the Mafia is death (or the Witness Protection Program).

  4. Yemen girl, 3, hospitalised after rape by father

    Family ‘disowns’ man, calls for execution

    Sana’a: A three-year-old Yemeni girl has been admitted to intensive care with severe bleeding after being raped by her father, the news website reported on Monday.

    The little girl was unconscious when she arrived at Al Thawra hospital in Sana’a, and suffered a vaginal rupture which caused the severe bleeding, the website linked to the defence ministry said.

    It did not say when the assault happened.

    The girl’s uncle has demanded his brother be executed for the alleged crime, saying that the whole family “disowns” the man for the “unforgivable heinous crime,” according to

    The unnamed man warned that the family is ready to execute the father if authorities “do not act swiftly.”

    Child marriage is common in impoverished and largely tribal Yemen, but does not appear to have been a factor in the alleged rape.

  5. Iran says 70 percent of Tehran watching banned TV

    Iran’s culture minister says more than 70 percent of people of the capital Tehran are watching banned satellite channels.

    A Tuesday report by the official IRNA news agency quotes Ali Jannati as saying that jamming the channels, as authorities do, will not be practical in the future when many of them will be available on mobile phones.

    Jannati cited a ban on video cassette players in the eighties, calling it ridiculous. He said: “Maybe in five years we will laugh at today’s actions.”

    He urged authorities to work for a solution.

    The rare critical remark by Jannati comes as the country undergoes a slight opening since the election of moderate President Hassan Rouhani.

    Over the past years, Iranian authorities have jammed foreign satellite channels, especially VOA and BBC Persian services.–percent-of-Tehran-watching-banned-TV.aspx

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