Christian blood for Saudi Arabia is big business

Reporters found themselves shocked when they attended a press conference in Vienna on 10th of December. Though they should be well informed on the persecution of Christians and, moreover, should inform their readers on this matter, they were caught by surprise. Sister Hatune, an Aramic nun who fled Turkey in 1985, told what she had witnessed during her aid campaigns in the Middle East. Sister Hatune was awarded the German Cross of Merit for her selfless commitment. Here is what she reports:

Later that day there was a march with torches against the persecution of Christians with a remarkable 1000 participants. Hopefully the movement keeps growing, so the topic is finally put on the agenda.

Vienna, march with torches against the persecution of Christians:

Thank you Carpe Diem for the translation.

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4 Replies to “Christian blood for Saudi Arabia is big business”

  1. I thought I had a good grasp on the extent of Islamic depravity, until Sister Hatune put me thru the wringer.

    Thank you Eeyore & Carp Diem for bringing this unbearable testimony to light.

  2. You may not think much of the Catholic Faith, but if this warning was given to you before you entry shits-lamic countries….end off story, it doesn’t make it right for them to do what they do – but You have the choice, it needs exposed I agree but DON’T send in missionaries, what cannon fodder for every single Country they make, send in the TROUPS first, then these People can report anything that still goes on, what a cowardly way of exposing the \wrong way on how a Country treats it’s People, never trust them, send in the Troups first.!!……fuck the E.U. and fuck the P.C. Brigade it’s too late for thousands of People, by the time it goes through individual Govermential process it’s too late for these People.

  3. It was unbearable watching even these ten minutes of her presentation.

    Though I wouldn’t put anything past the Saudis, this is the first I’ve heard of the bottled blood business. Unless Sister Hatune is able to document that somehow, I can imagine it being used to undermine the credibility of everything she has documented. It might be something to be a bit careful with.

    Those high school girls in Michigan should have written ‘reflections’ about Sister Hatune’s talk as part of their ‘exposure to an unfamiliar culture.’

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