News links for Dec. 16 2013 – 1

1. America’s NSA offers Snowden amnesty if he relinquishes the rest of the files he has from NSA spying activities. (My advice to Snowdon, watch the Dec. 15 2013 episode of Homeland before making any sudden decisions)

2. Lebanese Soldier ‘Hands Himself in’ After Deadly Shooting

3. Iran claims to have launched a second monkey into space and returned it to Earth

iran space monkey

4. Modern ‘Nazi salute’ sweeping Europe (Crushing freedom of speech will always lead to this. It makes celebrities out of drooling psychos)

5. Redacted 911 report shows that the attack of 911 was not just a terrorist attack but an act of war on the part of Saudi Arabia.

6. South Sudan coup attempted by former vice president

7. Turkey has shipped 47 tonnes of weapons to Syrian rebels since June despite repeated government denials

8. Antisemitism on campus. (This is not just another article on growing antisemitism. That is barely news anymore. But on the selective application of anti-discrimination laws by the Obama admin in the US that seems to allow breaches of very clear laws when it comes to anti-Jewish activities but vigorous enforcement of them for other groups)

Thank you C.B. Sashenka, Richard, ML, M, and all who sent in material. More to come.

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  1. #1 I wonder just what is in there that they are so worried about. After that I would be very careful before I trusted the Obama administration on anything.

    #3 The liars are at it again.

    #4 Antisemitism is once again becoming politically correct all around the world.

    #5 Even if the report hadn’t been redacted we wouldn’t have gone to war, Saddam committed several acts of war against the US and the left and the isolationists refuse to accept that fact.

    #8 The schools that are mentioned are all tightly controlled by the left, once again they are showing their hatred for the Jews and once again the non religious Jews ignore the evidence.

  2. #4
    The real problem is the existence of “strict anti-hate speech laws in parts of the continent”.

    As for Jews, I have no sympathy, they have a homeland and should go there if they find living among awakened Goyim unbearable.

    Should Jews be able to force non-Jews to accept their alien presence?

  3. UK – Koran ‘was ripped up at Birmingham City match’

    Police are treating allegations that Boro fans ripped up copies of the Koran to goad Blues supporters during a match as a hate crime.

    “If these allegations are proven then the culprits should be dealt with severely and be charged with incitement.

    “It’s disgraceful to allow pure hatred to come to an area like Bordesley Green with a high Muslim population and incite people like this.”

  4. Eeyore,

    For what it’s worth, consider promoting the following:

    The fact that an ineligible individual, who doesn’t shy away from going public with falsified documents, (my knowledge of image editing is sufficient to determine that was has been published on the white house website is just that: a falsification) rises to the highest function of the western world, clashes with every principle I’ve been taught to uphold.

    The fact that he’s not called out on it, is simply hallucinating, and speaks volumes about the credibility of not only the mainstream press, but also about every group, body, entity, and individual who has knowledge of these facts and sits idly by.


  5. The sheer scale of the effort that America made in trying to get hold of Snowden, including grounding the Bolivian president’s plane, was evidence that Snowden had much more.

    There is a info doomsday weapon that Snowden has, which he will not release. In any case the Putin has the info, and will use it when he sees fit.

    And now this

    WASHINGTON (AP) — In a ruling with potentially far-reaching consequences, a federal judge declared Monday that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of millions of Americans’ telephone records likely violates the U.S. Constitution’s ban on unreasonable search. The ruling, filled with blistering criticism of the Obama administration’s arguments, is the first of its kind on the controversial program.

    Even if NSA’s ‘‘metadata’’ collection of records should pass constitutional muster, the judge said, there is little evidence it has ever prevented a terrorist attack. The collection program was disclosed by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden, provoking a heated national and international debate.

  6. EGYPT – Taxi driver killed by lynch mob after running over pro-Morsi protester

    Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood killed a taxi driver by slitting his throat after he ran over a female protester on Monday in Egypt’s Nile Delta governorate of Daqahliya

    Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood killed a taxi driver by slitting his throat after he ran over a female protester on Monday in Egypt’s Nile Delta governorate of Daqahliya.

    According to a preliminary medical report, 24-year-old Mohamed Othman died from a deep cut in his neck, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

    Eyewitness told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the taxi driver ran over the protester after he demanded a crowd let him pass and they refused. Members of the crowd killed him and torched his car.

    The female protester was transferred to a nearby hospital where she remains in critical condition, according to a pro-Brotherhood Facebook page named “Al-Azhar University in Mansoura.”

    Public executions have occurred sporadically in Egypt in the past three years

  7. USA – MICHIGAN – Brighton High School students don hijabs to explore literature, religion and identity

    Earlier this fall, a group of AP language students at Brighton High School were asked to read a memoir by Iranian author Azar Nafisi. The book detailed the experiences of women during that country’s religious revolution, including dealing with new standards of modesty in the way they dressed.

    To experience the material first-hand, several girls in the class in Brighton chose to spend a full school day wearing hijabs, the head-scarves worn by Muslim women in many parts of the world.

    pic + audio on the page :

  8. Tonka, so if a Jew doesn’t like the Nazi salute, he should move to Israel? So, you would apply that logic to yourself and others? You are pathetic, a true loser. You don’t belong on this great website and I have no sympathy for you.

    Nazis of the losers of history and anyone who wants to emulate them is also a loser.

  9. RE; # 1 Mr. Snowden is a ‘marked’ man and no matter what kind of ‘deal’ the US agencies come up with he could not live a normal life free from harassment, being watched, or have total freedom. More than likely the only reason he is alive, that in his wisdom he has the insurance of a doomsday cache to be released in the event harm should come to him.

  10. Big Frank you are right what ever his dead mans switch data is it is hot, so hot everyone in the White House is worried, that is all that is keeping him alive and if he returns all of the files he will have an accident or commit “suicide”.

    My favorite Grand Jury verdict on suicide is one from the1920s, the victim commited suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly in the back with a bolt action rifle.

  11. The flip side of the dead-man switch idea though, is that Putin would benefit a huge huge amount by merely killing Snowden. Unless this packet also contains a great deal about him as well. But overall I am surprised that Snowden hasn’t been offed by teh Russians for all the damage it would do the US. On the other hand, Putin may be threatening the US with exactly that in exchange for things we would not like to see happen.

  12. Given the MSA tech capability the files probably do have a lot that will damage Putin otherwise he would order Snowdens death and try to frame the US. When you are playing this game with that level of players you have to have the goods on all of them or be in the pay of one of them. the second possibility is one that most people are ignoring.

    Having said that if Snowden is in the pay of the Russians he still did the US a real big favor in exposing what was happening.

  13. I remember the quote, but not the source. Anyway, nothing about Jews being the canaries in a coal mine is original:

    “Anti-Semitic attacks are often the harbingers of wider terror. There is a salient pattern of minor plots or attacks, whether foiled or not, against Jewish targets acting as the precursor for major terrorist plots against Western, Christian, moderate Muslim or other targets.”

    Tonka you deserve a reply, then a swift kick to hell.

  14. One item/data that Snowden has, could be about the present occupancy of the White House. This would not just hurt the incumbent in the White House, but cause a major constitutional crisis in the US, and the world.

    I don’t think it is in anyone’s interest that this item is released to the public. However, the very knowledge that it exists, and can be used in extremis, could be the reason why all major organs of the state to react with the vehemence we have seen.

  15. If Obama is not arrest and tried for his crimes the precedent will have been set that all liberal Democrats are above the law, Clinton acted like he was but not near as bad as Obama.

    DP we are already in a constitutional crisis but the MSM refuses to admit this fact.

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