News links for Dec. 14 2013 – 1

1. Tenth man (Jibril Abdi Mohamed) charged in Bristol child exploitation investigation

2. Al-Qaeda leaders say “Jihad is being paid for by Europe”

3. Utah federal judge strikes down key part of anti-polygamy law

(This is a slippery slope and will not end well. Doubly so because so much abortion is sex selective against females)

4. Aggressive Chinese naval vessel nearly caused a collision with a U.S. warship in international waters

5. The UK being widely castigated because it wants to apply English tests to people who want to live in England and claim benefits there.

(Showing once again that multiculturalism as it is widely applied, is actually a demand for total self destruction of your people, your ethnicity, your culture and history)

6. Pig’s head stuck on spike outside Portsmouth (UK) islamic school.  

7. Muslim protestors demand restaurants and shops stop selling ‘evil’ alcohol warning them they face 40 lashes if they carry on

(Unlike every other media that reported on this the Daily Mail actually understands it. I would recommend that people wishing to know how to deal with Choudary and his minions on this issue read Thomas Jefferson. Specifically … The government of the UK would be well advised to consider what these words may mean to them, or perhaps, better put, should mean to them.

Thank you M,  Fjordman, UK Pete and all. More to come. It will be a busy night and it is desperately cold outside.

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  1. GREECE – ATHENS – SATURDAY DEC 14 2013 -Golden Dawn Protests Against Mosque in Athens Greece

    Supporters and members of the Greek Neo- Nazi party, Golden Dawn, attended a marching protest against the construction of a Mosque in central Athens.

    Thirteen years after the project was announced by the Greek government, an architect for the construction of the Mosque has finally been chosen. Five previous attempts to find a builder had halted due to hostile reactions of extremist and fanatical Greek Orthodox Christians. In order to pray, the community of Muslims are using apartments; the construction of a Mosque will help the Muslims who live in Athens congregate.

    The Mosque will be constructed without a minaret in an attempt to minimize the reactions among the fanatical Christians.

    During the protest march, the supporters of the far-right Golden Dawn shouted slogans against Kemal Ataturk. Kemal Ataturk is the most relevant figure in Turkey’s modern history. Meanwhile the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu has been in Athens since Friday to attend meetings with Greek officials.

  2. #4
    The Chinese won’t be in a position to even touch the US Navy for many decades to come, if ever, and still they play chicken with them for no apparent good reason. I wonder if they would be trying this shit on President Romney.

  3. #3 This is the second step on the slippery #4slope, gay marriage was the first.

    #4 They don’t have to touch us if Obama orders a pull back, and he is vacillating about what to do, remember our military is weaker now then on 12/7/41 and we are facing war in two different regions with two different foes. (The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is two campaigns in the same war, not two different wars.)

    #7 When you have read Jefferson on the Tree of Liberty read the following also by Jefferson

    All Western Nations are rapidly approaching a “When in the Course” time, I wish we weren’t but our leaders have forced us into this time when we must decide how we are going to live and if our freedom and culture is worth fighting for.

  4. Richard, our military was in shambles 12/07/41. The generals learned by killing off thousands, then tens of thousands of boys on both fronts & wasting untold tons of materiel. Terrible generals, zero preparation, wanton slaughter during the first couple years on both fronts.

  5. The Government had cut me military budget until we didn’t have enough troops or planes, the ships were fine until Pearl Harbor. The mass slaughter came from the US Military fighting the early stages of the war with antiquated equipment and old ammo left over from WWI. The Generals knew what they were doing but the only way they could defend the nation was to buy time by fighting suicide rear guard missions.

    FYI: Admiral Yamamoto (sp?) told the Japanese Imperial staff that he could run wild in the Pacific for 6 months after bombing Pearl Harbor but ask them what would they do after that. The battle of Midway occurred about 6 months after Pearl and Japan never went on the offensive after that battle. However it took a while for people to realize that we were the ones attacking and not defending.

    The slaughter in the first two years consisted mainly of the Philippines and the conveys to Britain, we literally didn’t have any men or supplies to send to the Philippines and the slaughter of the conveys was due to lack of escort vessels.

    The invasion of Guadalcanal Canal was an emergency affair that was done with what he had, not what we wanted. We knew we were going in without enough men and equipment be we also knew that if the Japanese got that airfield operational they would cut off all supplies to Australia and New Zealand, we went in and the Marines did a magnificent job (as is usual).

    The build up of men and equipment took time, it takes 9 to 12 months to train a useful soldier, the pros know this and know that when Congress and the President sells us out by cutting the military they will have to buy time by fighting and dying until enough new recruits can be trained to begin the big push back.

    Never say the Generals didn’t know what they were doing, they made the hard decision of how to defend the US with inadequate material and way too few men.

    Having said that yes we have at times had stupid Generals but during WWII there were very few, almost all that the US had qualified as military geniuses.

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