News links for Sat. Dec 4 2013 – 2

1. Today in Athens Greece. Golden Dawn makes a show of numbers. Protest is about how the cash-strapped government of Greece has the money to fund a giant mosque right in the middle of town somehow. The article linked however is likely grossly in error. Ataturk would have been protesting with Golden Dawn, as he also was keenly aware of the danger of islam, and passed the worlds harshest laws against it.

2. Editorial: British MPs unite to put persecution of Christians on “political map”

3. Debbie Schlussel makes an important observation in this article about the muslim jihadi that tried to blow up part of an airport in Kansas yesterday. Have they ever once said on any other arrest that the man was black? Then why the need to say this one was white?



4. The Islamic Jihad on Christian nuns: A history

5. Bahrain charges five Shi’ites with plot to bomb Fifth Fleet base

(The above may be a pay site. I cannot get through but was sent a couple of paragraphs from the article that are certainly important if true)

Thank you Shabnam, M, UK Pete, CB, Fjordman and all. More to come.

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  1. #2

    Yes, yes… And the media will talk about the various tit-for-tat, cycle-of-violence, sectarian conflicts that the Christians have gotten themselves into, then in a couple of weeks, they’ll lose all interest in the story and drop it. I have noticed that they can run any story a couple of times, but if they don’t follow it up, it inevitably disappears for lack of oxygen. From our point of view it will just be foreigners in funny hats squabbling over whose God has the biggest beard, then the story will vanish and the MSM will be able to say they covered it. Lions:3, Christians:0.

  2. Pakistan Needs an American Bailout (Again)

    For the first time since 2001, the State Bank of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves fell to $2.9 billion, prompting a mini-economic crisis in the country. Pakistan now has barely enough in the kitty to pay its import bill for

    *** 3 *** weeks.
    As a result, the inflation rate has gotten even higher and the Pakistani rupee continues to tank, putting further pressure on finances.

    From “The American Interest”

    Do not listen to some venal pol like Pelosi, Boehner or Reid. Do your own homework.

    Go to trading economics dot com or similar site and see how bad countries are doing to get another angle on things.

    It does not matter what the money is. It could be dollars or it could be something else. But it has to be a currency, a reserve currency, that is acceptable to those with whom they trade.

    It could be dollars, pounds francs, yens marks or some other currency.

    When inflation shot up and foreign currency reserves went way down, Egypt had the Arab Spring.

    Pakistan has low reserves and they cannot even eradicate polio. They are too stupid politically to be able to do so.

  3. 3. it makes sense to me that these raciest news casters are shocked that a muslim is white. Of course a shocked person is going to point that out.

  4. 1- Ataturk was the consumator of the Greek and Armenian Genocide. Among the various massacres he was responsible for was the burning of Smyrna where up to 100,000 Armenians and Greeks were murdered. Turkey still denies the genocides but has the audacity to pressure the weak and traitorous Greek government to build a triumphant mosque.

  5. The truth hurts.
    Greece has been invaded by the Turk.
    How deep the conquest and colonization goes is up to the Greek.
    Has he any courage?
    At all?

  6. @vladtepes,

    Yes, “Dieses video ist in Deinem Land nicht verfügbar” – this video is not available in your country..
    Most videos about golden are blocked.

  7. The invasion is not just Greece but all of the western nations, about the only way the left will wake up is for Iran to start tossing nukes around.

    Ataturk thought Islam was holding Turkey back from becoming the dominate nation on earth, he wanted to suppress Islam to make Turkey great.

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