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8 Replies to “Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama Administration?”

  1. So, here we are 12-years after the attacks of 9/11, and we find the United States of America being run by a guy called “Hussein”, who just happens to be an avid supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, which just happens to be the most dangerous Islamist organization on earth. If that doesn’t worry you, you are an idiot…:)

  2. Will this nightmare ever end? I have stated many times that we always have more to fear from ‘the enemy within’ than any other foe. The regime of our ‘Dear Leader’ is loaded w/ quislings, sycophants lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam. Adding to that these questionable individuals are very dangerous and causes many of us to raise questions and have grave concern as to the intentions of these ‘advisors’. 60 + yrs. ago Japanese American citizens were wrongfully, out of fear and hysteria were herded into ‘internment’ camps and suffered indignity and financial ruin, Fast forward to today dare to even question the loyalty or intentions of a ‘follower of the teachings of the prophet’ , is met with scorn and charges of bigotry. My my how things have changed.

  3. I always thought a ‘fifth column’ was supposed to be hidden or clandestine, these, practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’ are doing right out in the open.

  4. Actions speak louder then words, once the facts about Obama’s actions are made known the rational people have no choice but to decide he is working against Western Civilization, the problem is that the MSM is worshiping at the feet of Obama and refuse to publicize his actions. He and the other leftist in power in the west have done massive damage to our ability to resist the Moslem conquest but it is not yet too late to save all of the Western nations.

    France is showing us the way with their citizen resistance groups, and some European politicians are coming out to defend Western Civilization, what we have to do is to create more resistance groups and encourage and vote for more politicians who will fight for us.

    We also have to fight to protect our Western Religion, even if you aren’t religious fight to protect Christianity.

  5. The Center for Security Policy hires true patriots and former spooks to collect and analyze their data, they are once of the modern committees of correspondence that have sprung up in the US.

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