March against Islamic supremacy. Paris December 8 2013

Thank you Oz-Rita for the explanation and the translation of the video.

This march by “Resistance Republicaine”  and “Riposte Laique” had been planned for ages. They were pushed around – as usual – : no permission, yes permission, no permission yes permission but somewhere else etc.  Then some other marches (so called antifascist, pro-islamist, and assorted marches) were all given the priority – I think it turned out that they were moved to a street, by far not as popular as the “Bastille” and that some other “marches” sounding nearly the same were held on the same day.   Anyway, I also hear that their camera man got attacked by a “Young French Man”  SURPRSINGLY of Maghrebian  origin.  Their own body guards helped him so he had only minor physical injuries, the shock was probably bigger.

All the media (except a few – like Radio Courtesie and a new TV station which will start broadcasting in January)  boycotted this march – as they did the last one which attracted more than 3000 people. Resistance Republicaine and Riposte Laique estimated about 1000 participants.

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  1. French forces kill suspected Islamists in Mali (BBC, Dec 11, 2013)
    “The French army has confirmed that it killed 19 people in a clash with suspected Islamists in Mali.

    A spokesman for the operation said the dead men had been buried in the desert after a gun battle north of Timbuktu.

    He added that there had been no French casualties.

    France still has up to 3,000 soldiers in Mali, after intervening in January to oust Islamist and secessionist rebels who had occupied the north of the country.

    The United Nations Minusma force has also deployed more than 6,000 soldiers and police in the country.

    Despite some success, pockets of al Qaeda-linked fighters still remain…”

  2. The French governments have a record of appeasement, the French people have a record of resisting tyranny and fighting for their culture and nations, support the French people and follow their example in resisting the Moslem conquest.

  3. I have written La Blonde of Youtube into my third novel “For Anastasia” which is due out around Feb next year. I’m surprised I have not had a fatwa issued against me as yet for book 2 – “Get Emily”… I’m sure it will come though:)

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