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7 Replies to “Australia revoking passports of jihadis BEFORE they leave Oz for Syria”

  1. As much as I applaud the sentiment (being an OZ), I don’t think that plan would work.

    I suspect the final destination would refuse to accept them, and they would then be put on a plane back to Australia.

    Better to let them leave the terminal at their destination and then cancel their passports. Big win for OZ!!

  2. These vermin are living on the hapless Australian tax payer – they are both on INVALID PENSIONS, like one of their verminous ‘broffers’ who during the muslim riots in Sydney recently damaged a police car with a big crate. He was caught on camera – a big piece of work, yet, when it came to the court case it was shown that he lived at his parents’ home, got the invalid pension (for “learning difficulties”) and – I think – he was also previously on drug dealing charges. In other words, the normal muslim (1st generation Australian even) modus operandi, ARRRRGHHHHHH

  3. At least the Aussies realize there is a problem with their resident radical islamists, even though they should let them go out and then not let them back in (as suggested). It’s a start.

  4. Is there something about high office that attracts people with no common sense? There must be since all of the western nations are getting politicians that fit the description.

  5. Richard

    Good question. One would have to do research on the phenomenon. Unfortunately, universities have been totally infiltrated by Marxists, and their fellow travelers.

  6. True, this is one of the reasons the Cold War took so long, and the main reason we aren’t fighting this war as a war of survival.

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