The Doctrine of Abrogation

A document by Stephen Coughlin for

Gates of Vienna:

In the comments on Geert Wilders’ open letter to Pope Francis, a reader named MH indicated that he was unfamiliar with — or was pretending to be unfamiliar with — the Islamic doctrine of abrogation as it applies to contradictory verses within the Koran.

In a nutshell, any earlier verse of the Koran is considered “abrogated” if a later verse contradicts it. The chronology of the suras of the Koran has been well-established by a consensus of Islamic scholars, so an observant Muslim can be in no doubt as to whether any particular verse of the Koran is binding upon him under Islamic law.

Retired U.S. Army Major Stephen Coughlin is one of the foremost experts on Islamic law in the Western world. Several years ago I had the privilege of helping with the editing of material that Steve was putting together, including the following section on the Koranic basis for the doctrine of abrogation. The text below is reproduced with his permission.



The Doctrine of Abrogation
By Maj. Stephen Coughlin

At the very pinnacle of Islamic law is the Koran, which is the uncreated word of God as revealed through his Prophet.

So what is abrogation?

This is what Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee has to say about abrogation in Islamic Jurisprudence:[1]

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4 Replies to “The Doctrine of Abrogation”

  1. Stephen Coughlin’s briefings should be mandatory viewing in Canadian high schools, part of a core course in world ‘religions’.

  2. When people hear a phrase like, “Doctrine of abrogation”, they automatically tune out and stop listening. It’s not that the concept is particularly hard to grasp, it’s just that it sounds like it is because it contains some big nasty churchy-sounding words. Too bad the dumbing-down of the last 50 years has been so successful. The doctrine of abrogation is the thing that enables them to say that the Quran says one thing, when they know full well that it says another. It is the thing that appears to back up their lie when they call Islam a “Religion of Peace”…

  3. If Western states start to deport these Muslims, I bet that all of them will become “fundamentalist” and “Radical” moderate Muslims.

    The imams will also then find a fatwa that states that “abrogation” does not apply if it harms Islam.

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