News links for Dec 8 2013 – 1

1. Jailed Bin Laden doctor Shakil Afridi refuses to stay silent

Shakil Afridi
Shakil Afridi now faces another trial for allegedly killing a patient

The Pakistani doctor who is accused of helping the American Central Intelligence Agency track down former al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, says he is being denied his right to a fair trial.

“I am the first individual in Pakistan to have been denied permission to meet my lawyers, which is my basic legal right,” he says in a hand-written letter he was able to smuggle out to his lawyers from his prison cell this week.

“What kind of a court, what kind of justice is this?”

This is his first contact with his lawyers in 15 months. It is also his first communication with the outside world since September 2012, when he spoke to Fox News from his prison cell by a smuggled phone. […]

2. France: Muslim Woman Sues Over Burqa Ban

he Strasbourg-based ECHR enforces the European Convention on Human Rights and its jurisdiction is compulsory and binding for all 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

The court’s ruling—expected to be issued sometime during the middle of 2014—will determine the fate of the debate over so-called burqa bans (here, here, here, here and here) that have been raging across Europe for many years.

3. Gender mixing is a “heinous crime” which endangers women and society, warned Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti on Friday

4. Egypt: Militants, criminals extort Christians

According to Morning Star News, a news service reporting on the persecuted church, Islamist radicals in several Egyptian towns have begun a campaign of terrorism and extortion against Christians.

Muslim extremists in a number of towns are demanding Christians pay the jizya, a Quran-based fine on non-Muslims known as the “humiliation” or “submission” tax. Human rights activists told Morning Star News that radicals and ordinary criminals have started a cottage industry from extorting Christians. They threaten kidnapping, torture and murder to seize money and property from Christians mainly in southern Egypt.

5. Syria conflict: Foreign jihadists ‘use Turkey safe houses’

Foreign jihadist fighters are using safe houses in southern Turkey to cross into Syria to fight against government forces, the BBC has learnt.

A man running one such house near the border town of Reyhanli said more than 150 people – including up to 20 Britons – had used it in the past three months.

The route through Turkey used by al-Qaeda-linked foreign jihadists is now becoming increasingly organised.

(This article is worth the read right through)

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  1. Series of blasts kill 24 in Iraq (CNN, Dec 8, 2013)
    “A series of explosions across the Iraqi capital killed 24 people and wounded dozens of other on Sunday, police officials in Baghdad told CNN. In November, acts of terror and sectarian violence killed 659 Iraqis and injured almost 1,400 , according to casualty figures released by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq. Bombings account for many of the deaths.”

  2. Bangladesh orders execution of death row Islamist (ND/AFP, Dec 8, 2013)
    “A Bangladesh court Sunday ordered prison authorities to hang an Islamist leader months after he was sentenced to death, raising fears of a new wave of clashes in the unrest-plagued nation.

    Abdul Quader Molla, a key leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was given the death penalty in September when the Supreme Court toughened the life sentence originally handed down to him by the International Crimes Tribunal, a domestic war crimes court.

    The ICT on Sunday “issued a warrant of execution for Molla”, and sent it to the prison authorities, meaning the 65-year-old could now be executed any day unless he is pardoned by President Abdul Hamid or the case is reviewed by the highest court.

    “The prison authorities will now execute him in line with the jail codes,” prosecutor Zead Al Malum told AFP, stressing only a presidential clemency can stop the execution.

    Deputy Law Minister Quamrul Islam told AFP Molla could be executed “in the shortest possible time”. He did not give any time frame.

    Defence lawyers said Molla’s verdict can still be reviewed by the highest court. But Islam and prosecutors differed…”

  3. Tirupati is one of the most sacred sites of Hinduism. Two other Hindus temples form a triangle with Tirupati. In the middle of this triangle, a Muslim business woman wants to build an Islamic University for Women, and not all of it is being done legally. Already fanatical Muslim women fought to have a sign put on the road showing where one of the temples is, and there is concern that this building true purpose is not of a school. There is great concern as to the true purpose of this building.

    ” …..She started an Islamic School at Tirupati town in the name of ‘Madrasa Niswan’ (under a society registered with the Registration of Societies Act, AP, India, No. 386) with around 150 students. It further states that free education was being given in that school for poor Muslim girls also and that in order to meet the expenditure, she started Heera group of companies. ‘Mission Statement’ of Heera Islamic Group states “it is guided by Imam, following Shariah Law engaged in Halal avoiding Haram. It is on a mission for spreading the knowledge of Allah to the four corners of the world”. ….

    ….It is really strange and disturbing that an Islamic institution is being established in such a great Hindu pilgrimage centre…..

    1. Security agencies should evaluate a possible threat from the newly constructed building which is shrouded in secrecy and initiate action to safeguard Tirumala Tirupati Divya Kshetram and the pilgrims.

    2. Investigation should be thoroughly carried out as regards the source of funding under the various statutes and laws of the land.

    3. Income tax department should investigate into the income and expenditure of Heera group of companies etc. and in particular this Society and ascertain whether accounts are maintained and audited and whether returns are being filed by them regularly and got assessed.

    4. Illegal structure beyond the plan for which technical clearance was given by TUDA vide its Order dated 08.03.2010 should be demolished and encroachments on the govt. lands should be removed after evacuating all persons illegally occupying the premises and the building in question. The remaining structure should be used by the Society only for running educational institutions as per the existing objects of the Society and after obtaining the necessary permissions and building clearances.

    5. Alternatively, TTD may be requested to take over the building and use it for its purposes without any compensation for the building because it is an illegal structure and if at all, considering the payment of the cost price of the land purchased by the applicant after ascertaining that the source of money is legal

    Alternatively, Padmavathi Mahila University may be requested to take over the building after the government resumes the same for running an educational institution in the area in accordance with their mandate.

    6. The illegal structures like pillars behind the rear compound wall of the building in question on the river side have to be removed / demolished.
    V. Conclusion:

    A country which faces several security threats both internally and externally cannot be over cautious in these matters. Alarm bells are ringing all around. The attack on Aksharadham, the Parliament and in particular the recent incident in Puttur on 05.10.2013 and sleeper cells of terrorists everywhere and several other incidents in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere remind us of the problems abounding. The Committee sincerely hopes that the Government and other concerned authorities would act promptly and decisively in this matter.”

  4. Send them all back home’: UKIP councillor and key Farage ally in astonishing racist video rant… then insists: ‘I stand by every word’

    -Victoria Ayling says all immigrants in Britain should be sent back home
    -Tells camera: ‘I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that’
    -UKIP leader Nigel Farage said her comments were ‘slightly odd’
    -Ayling said there is nothing ‘offensive or politically incorrect’ in video–tells-MoS-I-stand-word.html

  5. Morocco – Black Africans in Tangiers revolt after migrant’s death

    A migrant from Cameroon died after falling from the fourth floor of his residential building Wednesday during a police operation in the Boukhalef neighbourhood in Tangiers, Morocco. Other residents, most of them sub-Saharan migrants, immediately took to the street claiming police brutality.

    It’s the third death of a sub-Saharan migrant during a police operation in Tangiers in as many months. A witness to the raid told RFI radio the young Cameroonian man was in contact with the High Commission for Refugees. The man reportedly resisted when the police carried out a series of arrests that afternoon at the building where he lived. Moments later, his lifeless body lay on the ground at the base of the building.

    pics + videos on the page :

  6. #4 jizya

    Let’s say the Christians have top pay jizya It would be for the government of Egypt to decree it and collect it not some thug. these are thugs

    The Government of Egypt could codify jizya on there law books. then the international community can have their say. People can stop vacationing in Egypt and kiII 10% or more of the Egyptian economy.

    Surely Allah is the greatest trickster of them all. Those people collecting jizya will burn in a lake of fire forever. Just saying 🙂

  7. 1. Any half-way decent human being like this doctor cannot expect to survive with “friends like Obama” in the White House.

    5. Eeyore, please feel free to delete this, as it’s very very wicked and gloriously vulgar and thusly might frighten off the gentler natures of this great blog:

    And the video with the lovely Lady who wants to “send them all back” – what is “raaaaacist” about that? Britain’s, and the rest of corrupted governments in Europe & the US’s immigration policy is worse than “raaaaaaaacist” it is G.E.N.O.C.I.D.A.L !

    To the lady: YAYYYYYYYYY *punching happy holes in the air with happy fists* YAYYYYY good onja !

    Okay, *calming down* …going… 😉

  8. Whoops – PS: the video has disappeared from Sheik Yermami’s blog, but here is another version of it: just as wicked and as deliciously vulgar as it is catchy. But please feel free, Eeyore, to remove it, we dont wanna frighten the horses:

  9. Oh, Rita, I loved it ! Twice!

    ~~ Cut off a head for Al-Jazeera~~

    Eeyore, maybe you can keep this together with other uplifting clips in a nice, warm little corner?

  10. Blue:

    I think you may not be correct about the jizya. The thing about the sharia is, it actually is codified thug law. More a kind of pirate’s code’ than an actual law which is a monopoly on force and taxation which civilized people take for granted.

    In sharia, muslims are supreme over non-muslims in matters of life or death and destruction of property. You can see all this in the Reliance of the Traveler in fact when it talks about what actions may or may not have retribution in terms of the sharia. It recognizes that local law may require punishment but that certain actions by any muslims against others, especially non-muslims but also children and grandchildren if in some way they act to harm the ambitions of islam may be killed without retribution according to sharia.

    So any group of muslim thugs may well be within their rights to rape women, steal brides or slaves from the infidel and yes, collect taxes as they see fit without needing or even desiring a central government to codify it.

  11. @ Eeyore

    I am not in favor of Jizya

    This is problematic, but you maybe correct in the interpretation of the law and 99.9999% sure you are correct about its’ real life practice.

    “So any group of muslim thugs may well be within their right”

    1. My ideal was that only the legit gov’t could levy such a tax.

    2. Further such legit gov’t could be made to conform to international standards.

    Of course I could be very,very wrong in this approach working.

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