News links for Dec 7 2013 – 2

1. Islamic supremacy in prisons:

2. Gunmen kill nine at Baghdad alcohol shops

Baghdad — Gunmen shot dead nine people at alcohol shops in the Iraqi capital on Saturday, security and medical officials said.

The shootings in the Waziriyah area of Baghdad also wounded at least five people, the sources said.

Militants have targeted Baghdad’s liquor stores in the past, both because drinking is forbidden by Islam and because such shops are often run by religious minorities.

3. I did a guest spot on Blog Talk radio the the Red Fox (No not the guy from Sanford & Son) Blog Talk Radio show here.

4. Edmonton police approve hijab headscarf design for female officers

Courtesy of Edmonton Police Service A model wearing the EPS Uniform with hijab headscarf option as released Friday.

Edmonton police have approved a design for a hijab headscarf for female officers of Muslim faith.

5. Paris summit ends with vow to form pan-African force

The summit closes just two days after the UN Security Council adopted a resolution authorising French and African troops to use force to protect civilians in the Central African Republic (CAR) amid an explosion of deadly sectarian violence in the country.

Thank you M, UK Pete, EDL Buck, Richard, and everyone.

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5 Replies to “News links for Dec 7 2013 – 2”

  1. I hope anyone who runs into one of these extremist cunts spits on the ground in front of them to sow their disrespect of what our protection services have become,,,,,appeasing fools who are laying the groundwork for a future I am glad I won’t have to endure……
    This is outrageous, a slap in the face to all women who have struggled for gender equality,,,a symbol of gender apartheid sanctioned by the infrastructure we expect to protect us and uphold our values not not not the values of extremist religious fanatics whose values run counter to freedom, democracy, gender equality

  2. 3/ Excellent talk, point after point after point. As great an invention as writing was there is no substitute for the spoken word.

    4/ I thought at first this was a spoof on the order of the marine imam, coming as it does on the heels of remarks about Muslim police in Canada on Red Fox above. I’m still not entirely sure that it isn’t. (Is the tuna sheik a spoof?)

    Assuming it is for real, the Edmonton police are fools. The article says no Muslima has even asked to wear a hijab on duty! The police are being proactively, preemptively dhimmi. Why on earth? Does it make them feel less provincial, part of the wider world? No hicks here, no sir! Edmonton’s an international city. Cosmopolitan, like London. Like Delhi, really, it’s like it’s the Raj. When their ignorance of the wider context, the real context makes them collaborators, useful idiots, clowns.

    This is going to cause trouble. Eventually enough Canadians will take their brains out of the PC deep-freeze, discover they don’t find it quaint being policed by sharia-compliant Muslimas in their multicultural wonderland, and as Mirticiaa suggests start spitting.

  3. how to look stupid without really trying,ugliness is inherent whatever these primitives wear,does it still walk on its knuckles?

  4. #5 Obama has been reducing American power and France is stepping in to take over the job of protecting the minorities, the problem is France doesn’t have money enough to protect all of the world without re-colonizing major portions and sending most of the money to France.

    By the way do the Brits want France to be the dominate European power?

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