Germany: Unprecedented Series of Violence against Christian Symbols

Article and translation of materials in video and article by Carpe Diem.

Burned crosses, smashed statues – there have been 26 cases reported since September. The German Muensterland region faces a series of violence against Christian symbols that is without precedent in history. Having even climbed over high fences with sharp spikes, offenders acted with complete determination. National media haven’t reported about the incidents so far. Only the local television channel has made it the “topic of the day”. These attacks stand in a line with the recent Allahu akbar-graffiti at four German churches. Fortunately, police was able to get hold of the offender of the islamic graffiti, a Muslim asylum seeker from Jordan. So, unsurprisingly police in Muensterland has said that the attacks there are presumably religiously motivated. Anything more would have probably been “islamophobic”.

By way of comparison, if you remember when five pig heads were found recently on a future building site of a mosque in Leipzig? Member of Parliament Sigmar Gabriel called it an “attack on society”. Guess what he said about the 27 cases of desecration in Muensterland. You’re right – nothing.

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  1. Contemptible German Lutherian pastors invite islamic Imams into their churches to ear-shatteringly praise Allah – Germans who protest are thrown out of their own church, and that is the thank you from allah’s followers. Yes, according to the laws of probability I feel justified to point the finger at the allah-u-akbarists as the perpetrators, unlike the brown-nosing German politicians. They will probably praise this scum for “only having attacked symbols” and not YET ripped off the heads of living Germans. Call me a pessimist, but I think this will not be far away – and, call me cruel, I hope these collaborators and facilitators of Islamisation will get their heads ripped off first.

    //end of rant mode.

  2. ‘Send them all back home’: In shocking video, UKIP councillor and key Farage ally launches astonishing racist rant… then tells MoS: ‘I stand by every word’ (dailymail, Dec 7, 2013)
    “A high-profile UKIP politician is facing a racism storm after being caught on camera saying all immigrants to Britain should be sent back home. Victoria Ayling, who made headlines when she defected from the Tories in March, made the inflammatory comments in a 20-minute video seen by The Mail on Sunday. On the subject of immigration she talks about restricting the numbers of foreigners entering the UK, but then adds: ‘I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that.’…”

    Indeed – to get a better picture you would have to read the whole article and watch the video, too. (The Mail does not provide the whole video. Only a much shorter version is presented there.) I did not find any reference to race except in the article headline. In that video she could have easily meant Poles, Czechs and Slovaks who most of us would consider to be members of the same “race.” Even if she implicitly meant members of different “races,” it still would not necessarily follow that her position was explicitly racist either. The practice of rape beading surely does not come with ones racial, haplotipic, genetic heritage. Same would apply to female genital mutilation. As a very recent example we easily identify certain groups waging Jihad in Syria and Somalia. And so on and so forth… Perhaps as a special case we could point to some notorious practitioners of inbreeding. In the meantime we repeatedly learned (from independent sources, studies – some of which have been “paradoxically” referred to by the Mail) that immigration into Britain is indeed unsustainable. Phenomena like white flight, ghettoization, severe strain on social services, ect. have been clearly identified… The Mail fails on Saturday 7, 2013.

  3. By not cracking down hard (or at all?) on the ‘religiously motivated’ perpetrators, the Muensterland authorities are begging for more vandalism and desecration.

  4. ” the brown-nosing German politicians”

    Some people actually huff the fumes coming off feces. Maybe these politicians are addicts or otherwise mentally deranged. I saw this on “1,000 Ways to Die” (Death By Request Special – Episode 331S). Who knows they might actually brown nose and like it.

    In all seriousness they are deranged. They have a condition called cowardice or their mind is completely fried on leftist moralism.

  5. Ahowell-
    That’s bound to happen sooner or later, especially as hate-preaching imams inflame the dregs of the dregs — prison converts. Bad enough that ordinary Muslims seem to be ratcheting up the aggression everywhere. For men incarcerated for violent crimes, Islam is a perfect fit. More than justification, it lavishes outright adoration on losers doing what comes naturally.

    Imagine one of the soulless thugs jailed for “playing Knock-out” just a little too “successfully”. He’s ripe for conversion to become the perfect weapon for jihad. It’s happening right this minute in just about every prison accessible to Muslims.

    If and when they escalate — from attacking churches to the worshippers in them — better think twice in the USA. There’s a good chance they’ll be met by parishioners with quick reflexes and a license-to-carry.

    Here’s a link appealing to low-life Latinos:

  6. The leftist politicians that are using Islam to attack the west are rewarding their bad behavior so they will attack more western targets, as is usual the left isn’t thinking about the logical conclusion of their actions, namely that once the western nations and cultures have been destroyed the left will become the target of the Moslems.

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