News links for Dec 6 2013 – 3

1. Generation Identitaire in France does statement of intent video.

(Thank you Bear for the translation)

2. ‘Hundreds dead’ in CAR violence

French soldiers patrol streets of Bangui on 6 December 2013 France has pledged to send in hundreds of extra troops in the coming days to bolster peacekeeping efforts

At least 300 people have been killed in two days of violence in the capital of the Central African Republic capital, says the Red Cross

3. ‘Muslim Patrol’ jailed for harassing couple holding hands and men drinking in a bid to enforce Sharia law in East London

Three members of a so-called ‘Muslim Patrol’ were today jailed at the Old Bailey for repeatedly trying to enforce Sharia law in East London.

Jordan Horner and another Islamic extremist told one couple they could not hold hands while walking down the street, because it was in a ‘Muslim area’.

4. Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit charge two males in Possession of a Firearm

  OTTAWA – The Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs / DART unit charged two Ottawa men with numerous charges related to an incident that occurred on December 3, 2013.

Mohamed JAMA, 25 yrs, of Ottawa and Mohamed SALAD 25 yrs, of Ottawa have been charged with the following: […]

5. Car bomb kills Somali lawmaker outside presidential palace

Parliament member Mohammed Warsame Feisal, apparently unaware that someone had planted a bomb in his car, was driving the vehicle when the bomb exploded in Mogadishu, Parliament colleague Abdinasir Garane said.

Feisal was chairman of the government’s social services committee.

6. Man arrested in Munich for anti-Christian vandalism. Accused is a muslim ‘refugee-asylum seeker’. (Now that, is gratitude) Please copy link in Google Chrome for rough translation.

7. Australia: Muslims tried to rob ATM to finance jihad in Syria




Thank you Carpe Diem, Fjordman, M, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in material. There is more to come. More’s the pity.

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4 Replies to “News links for Dec 6 2013 – 3”

  1. Generation Identitaire get the thumbs up. This will only start to change when the young come to grips that their future is going to be seriously impaired.
    As for the graffiti asylum seeker, I doubt there has ever been a society in history that allows refugees into the country while fighting in the refugee’s land. It would be like letting in hundreds and thousands of germans into Britain during WWII. Not all the Germans were bad but you would not do it. A ten year old can figure that out.
    Who is to say that the graffiti guy has not been sent on purpose by an Islamic group to forment low level agitation. He should get a ‘ doin’ and then be kicked right back to whence he came. My human rights are being trumped by these degenerates but who cares. FFS I am not a religious man but when in the last 40 years was it normal to deface religious institutions of any faith. The fact that this is hsppening should ring the alarm bells of the authorities. It is a sign of a major malaise in society on the whole

  2. In the 1980s a group called the Guardian Angles started doing things like this in New York city to help prevent muggings, it created a lot of publicity that forced the NYC government to start cracking down on street crime. Hopefully the same thing will happen in France.

  3. RE # 1 The young folks in France are only going to tolerate so much BS from these parasitic inbred mutants.There is strenght in numbers go forward , learn martial arts, when I was young three tough disciplined guys could handle twice as many, let this vermin know that you are not going to take it any longer. to submit and wait for feckless and balless government officials is a waste of time. However warn the political class that the can be ousted at the polls.

  4. There should to be two components to GI strategy.

    1. Start an alliance with a political party, or start one.

    2. Street presence.

    Just the last will not be enough. The EDL is an example.

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