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6 Replies to “Caesar Salado offers a solution to Islamic immigration. Train governments!”

  1. Syria conflict: Foreign jihadists ‘use Turkey safe houses’ (BBC, Dec 7, 2013)
    “Foreign jihadist fighters are using safe houses in southern Turkey to cross into Syria to fight against government forces, the BBC has learnt. A man running one such house near the border town of Reyhanli said more than 150 people – including up to 20 Britons – had used it in the past three months. The route through Turkey used by al-Qaeda-linked foreign jihadists is now becoming increasingly organised. Opposition activists say jihadists are destroying the Syrian revolution…”

  2. Caesar should know that to train Socialists to deal with people with emotional siding-issues with ‘Father’ he first has to deal with those with emotional siding-issues with ‘Mother’ . For if Muslims go ape with criticism with their two-dimensional father-substitute of Islam, socialist go ape with criticism of their two-dimensional mother-substitute of Communism. The burka or the blanket.

    The burkha hides and excludes 40% women while 40% female board member hides and excludes 40% men.

    Remove either blindness and there is rage.

  3. Training barbarians is incredibly difficult the west use to know how to do this but since it became politically correct to think the western culture is the best we have forgotten how to insure that the barbarians of the world don’t destroy civilization.

  4. If the faithful ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ have not changed their behavior in 1400+ yrs. I strongly doubt there will ever be a change.The fools, sycophants, lackeys, lapdogs and groveling apologists of Islam In the MSM, academia, and the political class are wasting their time and energy on a hopeless cause.

  5. Singapore does not have a problem with its Muslims even though they make up 15% of the population.

    Why? Well, if you behave like a stock standard Muslim in Singapore, you will get a thrashing you will never forget.

    Works too.

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