News links for Dec 5 2013 – 3

1. Remembering Nelson Mandela. (Explanation of this song and the background here)


2. Video on the torture of mental patients, or people who have said something where mental illness can be projected, in Afghanistan.

3. An interesting and overdue look at why many women are attracted to Islam and jihad.

4. Britain also worried about Syrian jihadis coming to the UK and putting to use their new skills. 

5.  The Most Despised people in the World. Bill Warner

The most persecuted group in the world today is Christians. Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria and other nations are murdered, raped, kidnapped, enslaved and persecuted on a daily basis. The reason for the vast majority of all of this violence is that they are Christian among Muslims.

But their abuse does not stop with the violence. The perpetrators of violence are measured in the thousands, but the greatest abuse is at the hands of those who should demand that the violence stop. The silence in the face this persecution is denial and justification. The persecutors are few, but the deniers are in the billions. […]

6. Central African Republic on way to utter chaos.

7. U.N. approves Central African Republic intervention as violence escalates 

(I wonder how they will intervene? Which group will it advantage?)

8. Yemen: Defense Ministry bombing:

Suicide attack targets Yemen defence ministry

A suicide bomber and several gunmen launched an attack on the Yemeni defence ministry in the capital Sanaa on Thursday, killing at least 25 people and wounding dozens more, military sources have said.

At least 25 people were killed and dozens more wounded in a suicide bombing and gun battle at the Yemeni defence ministry in the capital Sanaa on Thursday, according to sources inside the complex.

In one of the most serious attacks in the country in the past 18 months, a car laden with explosives first rammed the sprawling complex before gunmen stormed the compound, witnesses said.

“A car bomb driven by a suicide bomber forced its way into the western entrance of the ministry complex,” a security official told AFP.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M, Fjordman, Richard, Taffy in Canada and all who sent in material. More to come I’m afraid.


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8 Replies to “News links for Dec 5 2013 – 3”

  1. Thanks, Eeyore. You do good links.

    Been a couple of years since i played Farcry 2 but i see nothing has changed in Africa.

  2. I’m not saying that the whites in South Africa are gonna get exterminated. But if I were a white south African with assets that could be liquidated I’d leave. If forced to stay by confiscatory taxes and police state tactics turning me into a white tax slave I’d buy a a fucking arsenal of automatic weapons. Mandela and his side kick in that Video, Joe Slovo were dangerous people. The Afrikaaner court should have hanged them both.

  3. Lee Rigby murder suspect: ‘I killed the soldier humanely’

    And British-born Muslim convert Michael Adebolajo, 28, said the attack was the “will of Allah”

    […]and it just so happened that he was the soldier that was spotted first. “Almost as if Allah had chosen him for some reason he chose to cross in front of our vehicle.”

    During a fourth taped interview with police, Adebolajo added: “We didn’t wish him pain, I could see he was still alive.

    “We exited the vehicle and I’m not sure how I struck the first blow but I concluded many years back that the most humane way to kill any animal is to cut the jugular – this is how we kill our animals in Islam. He is a man, he may be my enemy but he is a man. So I struck at the neck and attempted to remove his head to be sure.”

  4. 3/ Women don’t convert in order to be beaten, they convert in order to beat others. Converting to Islam in a Western country confers all sorts of advantages. You become a member of a preferred and protected group. Job openings appear that would not appear otherwise. There are endless opportunities to play the victim card. Normal women become sluts, and the Muslim convert woman wields the power of her scorn and disgust over them. You can accuse kafir men of having looked at you suggestively and make serious trouble for them. There are endless ways to exploit the hijab.

  5. Jihadis returning “home”fully trained and pumped up.If the objective is what is stated by muslims,the overthrow of our culture,way of life,democracy,what little there is left of it,well it is logical to infiltrate them into the very heart of our nation,thier army can occupy ,our country for the price of a plane ticket,and all that is left is the craven surrender of our treasonous administration.

  6. #3 as the left feminizes the men the women are becoming more masculine.

    #5 The attacks on Christianity are being pushed by both the left and the Moslems, in many ways it is a win win situation for the enemies of Christianity. If they don’t resist they are exterminated and if they do they give a propaganda victory to their persecutors who then have evidence that all religions are violent.

  7. #5 Christianity is hated. The corpse that buried the teachings of the Jewish man who came for the House of Israel is still openly available so that those with ears to hear still find the path to escape it. No other religion has their founder who would subvert it.

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