News links for Dec 6 2013 – 1

1. Nelson M seems to be mourned by the communist party where he was well dialed in.

2. Lee Rigby killers make outrageous claims about the “humane” slaughter they did of him and more.

3. Something quite odd about this video. It seems to be muslim women protesting their status by burning their hijabs. Much like brainwashed commie Western women did with braziers in the 60s in the US except these women genuinely are oppressed. However here they caught fire and way to fast and aggressively. Something is wrong with this. Also if you read the comments you get a good sample of islamic-barbarism as many men seem to think they deserved to be burned to death because they didn’t want to wear the muslim-brotherhood flag of servitude. Now what was that bra thing about exactly?

4. A short and interesting article about China and the USA. 

(I have read a fair amount of the source material quoted in this article and its quite good. But the article makes a critical point)

5. A few interesting things about Nelson Mandela 

6. Mosque muslim murderer more mad than muslim.

(Once again they will try and mitigate islamic acts of violence and murder by claiming that the person had mental health issues. It needs to be repeated constantly that Buddhists, Christians, Jews and every other group likely has the same percentage of schizophrenics and drug abusers yet the root ethic and culture of those groups tend to make the likelihood of the disease motivating violence much much lower. It seems that quite a few mentally ill muslims attack others in Western nations far more than their percentage of the population would warrant)

7. Argentina: Horror: Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists attacks praying men defending cathedral (VIDEO)

(Can’t wait till they try that at a mosque)

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  1. 3/ That was unspeakably awful, and the comments. Looks like India.

    Hijabs don’t oppress women. It’s like saying hats oppressed men, when the fashion was hats.

    Muslimas might be victims of fashion, but what woman isn’t? Hijabs oppress kafirs, that is their point. Hijabs assert the moral superiority of Islam over other ideologies. If these women feel oppressed by Islam, and they think the hijab is an emblem of their servitude, they need to get out of Islam. For other hijabis, the hijab is the flag of domination and conquest. Burning your hijab misses the point. It’s plainly hazardous too, if the material is as flammable as this.

  2. don c – The Hijab is not a fashion statement, it’s a symbol of oppression, but can also be used as a cover for bombers and Robbers, in our Society it is being used against us and claimed to be linked to their “religion”, it’s part of their strategy as the women who chose to wear these face coverings have accepted domination obedience and submission, because they can jump from using their “religion” or, using the old personal choice excuse proves they use it to suit the situation they are in at the time…BAN THE LOT.!!

  3. Why am I not surprised…

    Italy convicts abducted Egypt cleric (BBC, Dec 6, 2013)
    “An Egyptian Muslim cleric kidnapped by CIA agents in Italy in 2003 has been sentenced in absentia to six years in prison on terrorism charges in Milan. Abu Omar, also known as Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, now lives freely in Egypt. He was abducted on a Milan street and flown to Egypt in a CIA “rendition”. He alleges he was tortured in Egypt before being released. Italy convicted 23 Americans over his kidnapping. The Milan court convicted him of links with Islamist militants…”

  4. The article on China is good but ignores the way Obama is destroying the US military and how historically countries in China’s position resort to foreign conquest so the current leadership can remain in power.

  5. #3

    The woman on the left got some of the flammable liquid (gasoline?) on her dress and it caught on fire. The real disaster, from what I could see, was the way the man who should have saved her on the stairs was more concerned with his Islamic fear of touching a woman than he was with saving one, so the woman is likely dead by now, or dying in terrible agony. Did you see the way he just stood there flapping his arms like a bird without actually getting in there and tearing off her sari? Gee! He might have accidently touched one of her cursed devil breasts. He probably killed her…

  6. Another reason that China will not be able to become a world power challenging the US, is that it does not have cultural ties across the world. The US has economic/cultural/linguistic ties with Europe, which already is major economic power. The US has economic/cultural/linguistic tyies with Canada, a potential world power. China OTH is culturally isolated. It cannot rely on anyone but itself. The USSR had similar problems. Thus China’s isolation is not geographic but cultural.

  7. DP111 All true and well thought out.

    But we have a cultural left that will hamstring America for past sins while giving China and everyone else a pass.

    If the USSR had not been an ally, WW2 might have lasted another year or 2 due to strikes and other unrest.

    There were still quite a few strikes but we had more labor peace then we otherwise would have had.

    China has cultural ties to Japan Korea and Vietnam. but there relationship has been more adversarial also. Out history with England has also been adversarial in the past , but we have earned more goodwill than say the Chinese have with Vietnam. Although Obama is doing his damnedest to irritate England and other allies beyond all reason.

  8. #7 The Maenads have returned. I can imagine feminists doing the same things here in the U.S. especially after reading about their behavior in Austin, TX this past summer. You would have thought the world was coming to an end because we wanted to put some restrictions on late term abortions. Compare these monster to the poor women in 3.

  9. #7 Shocking. This display is about more than right-to-life vs pro-abortion. The level of aggression on the part of these women is just too extreme. The hatred pouring off them, the spitting, the physical challenge to these men is hard for me to understand.

  10. Friedman notes that “the vast majority of Chinese in the interior remain impoverished. This leads to tension, conflict, and instability. It also leads to economic decisions made for political reasons, resulting in inefficiency and corruption.”

    Hmmm. “economic decisions made for political reasons, resulting in inefficiency and corruption.” So how is that different from the US?

  11. Yucki given the way Obama is destroying the US military we are probably headed into a major war that will make WWII look like a pillow fight.

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